The Best Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is an incredibly fun, safe, and affordable way to continue getting in some serious outdoor time when the cold weather strikes and the snow on backcountry trails are just too deep for regular hiking. Unlike cross-country skiing or ski-mountaineering, just about anyone can learn the essentials required to become a proficient snowshoer in next… Read More

The Best Packing Cubes

From organizing your suitcase or RV to backpacking or maximizing storage space in your closet, packing cubes have countless uses in everyday life. Packing cube systems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and additional features to keep your belongings (particularly clothing) clean and organized in small spaces. Many even offer special bags for… Read More

People on bikes

The Midwest as a vacation spot? Isn’t it always cold, dark and gray there? Doesn’t it even snow in July there sometimes? Why would anyone EVER want to look for a Midwestern adventure? Besides the fact that you can get super affordable apartments in cities like Minneapolis, Chicago or Milwaukee, what else is there? Well,… Read More

The Best Bike Brakes

The best bike brakes provide incredible stopping power when you need it, smooth modulation when you want it, and never rub your wheels the wrong way. It’s important to keep up on your brakes and change them out when time and usage have worn the components down. There are a handful of bike brake types… Read More

The Best Board Shorts

Board shorts are for fun in the sun. Growing in popularity because of their beachside performance and fun prints, board shorts were originally known as “surf trunks” due to their prevalence in the surfing scene. Now, board shorts are worn by men and women all over the world’s sun-soaked coastlines, at lakeside retreats, and even… Read More

The Best Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re an occasional weekend warrior or a diehard “dirtbag” thru-hiker who spends more time on the trail than not, your choice of sleeping bag will largely determine just how enjoyable your trips in the backcountry will prove to be. Along with your tent, backpack, and boots, this is one of the “biggies” of the… Read More

The Best Ice Skates

Ice skating is a fun sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Child or adult, beginner or expert– it’s easy for everyone to have a good time out on the ice. As a recreational activity, ice skating is a winter pastime where families bond over shared experiences and young couples can laugh at each other’s… Read More

The Best BMX Bikes

For those in the BMX scene, you already know that there’s more to it than just trying to get crazy with your bike. It can be dangerous, it’s true, but when you take enough precautions, the fun will far outweigh those fears and the benefits are almost too many to list. For those who are… Read More

The Best Night Vision Devices

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but one cannot properly judge beauty if the eye is not capable of seeing the object of its attraction clearly, especially at night. Furthermore, clarity is one thing that you may not have if the object is situated too far away (unless you happen to be… Read More

The Best Pocket Knives

Aside from being a favorite weapon of countless Hollywood villains, pockets knives are incredibly versatile tools. Despite appearances, there are numerous functionalities of pocket knives, especially depending on the size and shape of their blades. Take the talon blade, for example, a blade that might remind you of Jurassic Park as it looks like the… Read More