The Best Coolers with Wheels

Spending time outside can be very relaxing and a lot of fun, whether it’s sitting in a camp chair or sprawled out in a hammock. Warm drinks, however? Not so much. Fortunately, coolers keep your favorite foods and drinks cool, even when the weather is hot and sunny. And if that cooler has wheels, it’s… Read More

The Best Kayak Paddles

Ready to hit the water and cover some distance? Next to your kayak itself, the paddles you choose will have the biggest impact on your performance. This particular piece of equipment will likely be in your hands at all times, so it’s important you choose one that is reliable and feels comfortable to you personally. … Read More

The Best Camping Cookware

Heading to the backcountry for an overnight or extended camping trip usually means foregoing most of the creature comforts we enjoy at home. There is, however, no need to believe that dinner times in the wild should be any less enjoyable—if, that is, we have the right cookware along for the trip. To help you… Read More

The Best Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are backpacks designed to carry water and make drinking convenient, even when you’re on the go. Most hydration packs have a drinking tube connected to a “water bladder” inside the backpack so you don’t need to stop (or even slow down) to take a drink. People use hydration packs for all kinds of… Read More

The Best Solar Chargers

Modern problems require modern solutions, and a solar charger will solve all of your outdoor charging needs. It wasn’t long ago when campgrounds were void of personal electronic doodads and the only way to power a camp light was with a six-pack of massive D batteries. Campgrounds and backcountry trails are now riddled with electronic… Read More

The Best Fishing Reels

The best fishing reels add to the fun and excitement of catching a fish. They cast far with smoothness and accuracy, and they have adjustable drag settings and efficient gearing which enable fast and easy retrieves. There are several types of fishing reels to choose from, each with a style all its own. Some fishing… Read More

The Best Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are widely used wherever people roam. From local day hikes in urban parks to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountaintops, the best trekking poles give hikers the enhanced stability needed to traverse all types of terrain. Using a pair of trekking poles is like walking with four legs. Animals seem to get around pretty… Read More

The Best Bike Lights

The best bike lights provide brilliant illumination and visibility during both day and night riding. Bike lights are an essential safety component of your bicycle. Whether you are commuting through the city streets, traveling along a backcountry highway, or riding your mountain bike over treacherous terrain, bike lights will enhance your own visibility and give… Read More

The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags

There’s no better reset than heading into the heart of mother nature and spending a night or two sleeping in a camping tent under a sky full of stars. However, unless you want to spend the night shivering or wake up with an aching body, you’ll need to bring along the right lightweight sleeping bag…. Read More

The Best Camping Grills

Camping trips are the perfect environment to unwind and create memories you’ll look back on years to come. Without a doubt, one of the greatest camping activities you can do is to share a meal with your loved ones. With a camping grill, camp food doesn’t need to comprise of soggy sandwiches and canned food… Read More