The Best Trolling Motor Batteries

The best trolling motor batteries help watercraft enthusiasts make the most out of their boats, canoes, rafts, and kayaks. Electric trolling motors are extremely efficient and quiet propulsion devices, and trolling motor batteries are required to keep them functioning. Deep cycle batteries provide hours of reliable power for a day full of fun on the… Read More

The Best Battery Boxes

More travelers are making their way into the great outdoors than ever before, and they’re bringing their creature comforts with them. Overlanding vehicles, RVs, camp trailers, and boats all require enormous amounts of power. As these vehicles are loaded with more electronic equipment, they will undoubtedly need larger power sources. If you’re adding extra batteries… Read More

The Best Handheld GPS Devices

The best handheld GPS devices give you the power to navigate to the farthest corners of the Earth, track your routes, and communicate with anyone at any time from anywhere, all without a cellular connection. Whether you need a tool to help you plot your course, or you would like the safety of an emergency… Read More

The Best Bear-Proof Canisters and Containers

Bear-proof canisters and containers are necessary for keeping bears away from your food, supplies, and trash when you’re in bear country. Having first-hand experience with a bear stealing my food, I can assure you that bear-proof containers are the only way to safely protect your snacks from a hungry bear. We have put together a… Read More

The Best Bike Locks

Bike locks are a must-have item for every cyclist in today’s world. Bicycle thieves are opportunistic and will always go for the easiest available targets. You can make sure your bike doesn’t become an easy target by equipping it with a reliable bike lock, or maybe even two. The best bike locks are nearly impossible… Read More

The Best Hunting Knives

A hunting knife is an essential tool in any hunter’s gear set. The modern hunting knife hasn’t changed much in the last couple of centuries, but refinements in steel and handle materials have incrementally improved this quintessential outdoor instrument over the years, and they’re now available in a limitless number of unique styles. One fact… Read More

The Best Backpacks for Backpacking

The best backpacking backpacks enable us to adventure deep into the wilderness far away from the stresses of our day to day lives, far away from the din of civilization, the routine of the workweek, and the endless screen-gazing that has become a central part of modern human life. Backpacking backpacks carry all of the… Read More

The Best Solar Chargers

Modern problems require modern solutions, and a solar charger will solve all of your outdoor charging needs. It wasn’t long ago when campgrounds were void of personal electronic doodads and the only way to power a camp light was with a six-pack of massive D batteries. Campgrounds and backcountry trails are now riddled with electronic… Read More

The Best Fishing Reels

The best fishing reels add to the fun and excitement of catching a fish. They cast far with smoothness and accuracy, and they have adjustable drag settings and efficient gearing which enable fast and easy retrieves. There are several types of fishing reels to choose from, each with a style all its own. Some fishing… Read More

The Best Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are widely used wherever people roam. From local day hikes in urban parks to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountaintops, the best trekking poles give hikers the enhanced stability needed to traverse all types of terrain. Using a pair of trekking poles is like walking with four legs. Animals seem to get around pretty… Read More