The Best Solar Chargers

Modern problems require modern solutions, and a solar charger will solve all of your outdoor charging needs. It wasn’t long ago when campgrounds were void of personal electronic doodads and the only way to power a camp light was with a six-pack of massive D batteries. Campgrounds and backcountry trails are now riddled with electronic… Read More

The Best Fishing Reels

The best fishing reels add to the fun and excitement of catching a fish. They cast far with smoothness and accuracy, and they have adjustable drag settings and efficient gearing which enable fast and easy retrieves. There are several types of fishing reels to choose from, each with a style all its own. Some fishing… Read More

The Best Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are widely used wherever people roam. From local day hikes in urban parks to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountaintops, the best trekking poles give hikers the enhanced stability needed to traverse all types of terrain. Using a pair of trekking poles is like walking with four legs. Animals seem to get around pretty… Read More

The Best Bike Lights

The best bike lights provide brilliant illumination and visibility during both day and night riding. Bike lights are an essential safety component of your bicycle. Whether you are commuting through the city streets, traveling along a backcountry highway, or riding your mountain bike over treacherous terrain, bike lights will enhance your own visibility and give… Read More

The Best Bivy Sacks and Bags

Bivy sacks and bags are an indispensable piece of emergency equipment that everybody should have, and they can also be a weight-saving alternative shelter for ultralight backpackers. Emergency and backpacking bivy sacks are designed differently from one another, each with a certain type of functionality as its inspiration. The best emergency bivy sacks are lightweight,… Read More

The Best Towable Water Tubes for Boating

Towable water tubes are one of the most fun and safe ways of enjoying high-speed fun out on the open water. They are inflatable water toys that can be ridden in a variety of ways from sitting back in relaxed comfort to standing up while carving wakes like a waterskier. There are many different styles… Read More

The Best Canoe Paddles

A canoe paddle is a vital piece of equipment for canoeing, second only to the canoe itself. That’s obvious. Whether you’re a die-hard canoeist or a recreational enthusiast, choosing the best canoe paddle does not have to be a difficult task, but there are a few design features worth considering. Do you prefer the classic… Read More

The Best Fishing Nets

A fishing net is an essential tool in every fisher’s tackle box. Well, even the most compact fishing nets cannot fit into a tackle box, but you get the idea. There are many styles of fishing nets (which are also known as landing nets) to choose from, and the best fishing nets for each style… Read More

The Best Camping Mattresses

The best camping mattresses provide much-needed comfort and insulation for sleepy campers under star-filled skies. Not only do camping mattresses provide a cozy cushion that’s softer than the prickly forest duff, but they also insulate your body from the cold ground to keep you warm throughout the night. Air mattresses, foam mattresses, and hybrid self-inflating… Read More

The Best Backpacking Tents

The best backpacking tents are durable and lightweight. They’re made to be packable, yet they must unfailingly shelter weary hikers from the wind, rain, snow, and outdoor pests. Modern backpacking tents make adventuring much easier and more comfortable now than it has ever been before. Prepare to embark upon your own rugged wilderness expedition, or… Read More