Hiking mattress in tent

Purpose of a Camping Mattress Based on the research of Rest faq blog, travel mattresses used for camping are frameless and with partitions. The surface of the products is elastic, the load is distributed evenly. Frameless models are compact hiking mattresses, inside of which there are no partitions or supporting frames. Synthetic materials are used… Read More

A Person Riding a Mountain Bike

Training Take the appropriately sized mountain bike. Your bike should fit your height, body type, and leg length. If the bike does not suit you, you will be uncomfortable and the ride will be ineffective. Choose a bike helmet. Based on BikesBros blog researches, a good helmet should be a priority if you want to… Read More

Man sharpening knife on stone

A good pocket knife is a crucial piece of equipment for outdoor lovers. It can be utilized for a multitude of tasks, from foraging and cooking, to removing splinters, cutting seat belts, and even saving lives. The secret, of course, is not just to carry your pocket knife with you, but to ensure that it… Read More


Fire is an important necessity when you are in the wild. It can give you warmth to avoid hypothermia in cold areas, boil water so you can drink it, cook your food, as well as give you light to keep wild animals at bay in the darkness of night. If you’re unsure of how to… Read More

Woman making a spear

If you are gearing up for survival, a multipurpose throwing spear is a useful tool to have in your arsenal. Throwing spears have been used as one of the most common hunting tools as well as personal weapons throughout human history. According to researchers, humans actually started making throwing spears half a million years ago…. Read More

The Best Gaiters

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a pair of gaiters can be your best friend. Gaiters protect your ankles and calves from scratches, poison ivy, and mosquito bites. They prevent pebbles and other debris from finding their way into your shoes or boots, and they help keep your feet dry and warm if you’re hiking through… Read More