The Best Compression Pants

Athletes swear by it. Professionals wear it. Trainers recommend it. No, we’re not talking about protein shakes. We’re talking about compression pants. These pants hold the muscles of the wearer securely, increasing circulation and blood flow to the muscles. This causes a few benefits — the most notable being the overall performance of the wearer… Read More

The Best Smokers

It is true when people say, “cooking is an art.” Whether you prefer fried or baked food, you can create some lip-smacking dishes not just by using the right ingredients, but by using the right tools and technology. This is also true for “smoked” food, where a process called smoking exposes the food to smoke… Read More

The Best Fishing Lures

Are you trying to catch that big sailfish you’ve had your eye on? It’s not going to happen if you’re just cast a fishing line and hoping for the best. But, if you engage the fish actively, and successfully bait it towards you, then, when the timing is perfect, you go in for the kill…. Read More

The Best Cruiser Bikes

The best beach cruisers are a versatile bicycle-type designed for a wide range of uses (comfortable cruises being the primary). Whether you aim to purchase a bike for keeping up with your fitness goals, or you just want to feel the rush of a good ride, a beach cruiser is just the sort of two-wheeled… Read More

The Best Fishing Kayaks

Kayaking is a favorite pastime of water lovers all around the world. From paddling along oceanic shores to battle white rapids in a wild-river rafting experience, kayaks are an incredibly enjoyable piece of equipment. Fishing kayaks, in particular, bring the angling experience to a whole new level. Feel closer to the fishing-action than ever before… Read More

The Best Neck Gaiters

Whether you enjoy skiing, fishing, hiking, dirt biking, or merely keeping warm in the winter, the best neck gaiters are an essential piece of attire. Designed in a similar fashion as scarves, bandanas, and skull caps, neck gaiters are designed to protect your neck area from harmful UV rays, mosquitos, cold temperatures, and wet conditions…. Read More

The Best Night Vision Devices

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but one cannot properly judge beauty if the eye is not capable of seeing the object of its attraction clearly, especially at night. Furthermore, clarity is one thing that you may not have if the object is situated too far away (unless you happen to be… Read More

The Best Pocket Knives

Aside from being a favorite weapon of countless Hollywood villains, pockets knives are incredibly versatile tools. Despite appearances, there are numerous functionalities of pocket knives, especially depending on the size and shape of their blades. Take the talon blade, for example, a blade that might remind you of Jurassic Park as it looks like the… Read More

The Best Flies

Ever tried your hand at fly fishing? It’s one of the most fabulous outdoor activities for nature lovers. Without the best flies, however, this enjoyable pastime becomes an aggravating let-down. Fly fishing takes you to beautiful off-the-beaten-path locations, challenges your brain and body, and gives you the highest bragging rights among fishers. Don’t let your… Read More

The Best Binoculars

Binocular microscopes, better known as “binoculars” for short, are an amazingly useful tool. For nature lovers, especially the likes of birdwatchers, hunters, and astronomers, binoculars are indeed one of the most valuable inventions of all times. As binoculars steadily drop in price, adults, teenagers, and children, alike, are all sure to enjoy the benefits of… Read More