The Best Trail Cameras

In recent years, one backcountry accessory that has become a must-have component of every hunter and wildlife enthusiast’s kit is the trail camera, aka “game camera.” These relatively low-cost, lightweight, and low-volume little devices let you know where and when wildlife is on the roam whilst you kick back at camp or at home, and… Read More

The Best Climbing Shoes

Thanks to the likes of Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, and Sasha DiGiulian, in recent years rock climbing’s popularity as a sport has skyrocketed. What the thousands upon thousands of newcomers to rock-based adventures are learning is that you don’t have to be laying down first ascents on El Capitan or scaling bouldering routes that would… Read More

The Best Roof Top Tents

First popularized in Africa and Australia back in the 1950s, in the last decade or so roof top tents have become the go-to choice for thousands of campers worldwide—and with good reason. For backcountry enthusiasts looking for a little more in the way of comfort, convenience, and luxury than that offered by traditional ground tents,… Read More

The Best Road Bikes

Whether you’re looking to rack up a score of epic, centurion rides, for a quick way to commute around the city, or just to introduce a touch of two-wheeled cardio into your personal training regime, there are few more fun ways to do so than on a road bike. Of all the types of bicycle… Read More

The Best Ski Pants

When the skiing season arrives and we head for the mountains to enjoy the thrill we’ve spent more than half the year waiting for, that thrill can be seriously diminished if the threads we’re doing our skiing in aren’t up to scratch. In short, whether we’re cross-country skiers, downhill skiers, or all-mountain maniacs, the ski… Read More

The Best Boat Covers

Whether it’s for mooring, trailering, or seasonal storage, a reliable, practical, and effective boat cover is essential to ensuring your boat remains in good shape, water-worthy, and protected against the various factors that might otherwise impact its performance and appearance: harsh weather, UV light, mildew, dust and debris, and/or intruders of both the animal and… Read More

The Best Snowshoes

Snowshoeing is an incredibly fun, safe, and affordable way to continue getting in some serious outdoor time when the cold weather strikes and the snow on backcountry trails are just too deep for regular hiking. Unlike cross-country skiing or ski-mountaineering, just about anyone can learn the essentials required to become a proficient snowshoer in next… Read More

The Best Sleeping Bags

Whether you’re an occasional weekend warrior or a diehard “dirtbag” thru-hiker who spends more time on the trail than not, your choice of sleeping bag will largely determine just how enjoyable your trips in the backcountry will prove to be. Along with your tent, backpack, and boots, this is one of the “biggies” of the… Read More

The Best Cross Country Ski Boots

Many newcomers to the world of cross country skiing can be daunted by the logistics entailed in gathering the requisite gear for their forthcoming adventures. With so many specs, features, flaws, and failings to be accounted for before committing to a purchase, in fact, any would-be buyer who doesn’t happen to have the patience of… Read More

Snare trap

Certain lost arts still have their place in the required skill set for outdoor survival situations. Navigating by the stars, starting a fire without matches or a lighter, digging a snow hole, building a makeshift shelter with branches and brush, and filtering water from a wild source with rocks and pebbles are just a few…. Read More