The Best Cabin Tents

Sometimes camping can get a little cramped. Cabin tents are a great option if you are planning a trip with a big group or for an extended amount of time. The most defining feature of these tents is their nearly vertical walls and high center height that make them look more ‘cabin’-like than your typical dome tent. Cabin tents offer plenty of space to stretch out, get comfortable, or host a large family.

We reviewed dozens of cabin tents to identify the best of the best. We considered important features including price, space, room dividers, and ease of set-up.

Best Cabin Tent Overall

Core 9 Person Cabin Tent

With plenty of space and updated features, the Core 9 Person Cabin Tent is a clear winner.

The Core 9 Person Cabin tent was chosen as our top pick because it’s spacious, durable and includes all of the essential features of a large tent.

The 5 Top-Rated Cabin Tents

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Best OverallCore 9 Person Cabin Tent4.6
Runner Up – Best Cabin Tent with Screened-in PorchColeman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room4.1
Best Budget Cabin TentColeman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup4.2
Best Cabin Tent with Multiple RoomsCore 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent4.5
Best Family Cabin TentColeman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Best Cabin Tent Overall: Core 9 Person Cabin Tent

If you’re looking for a cabin tent, the Core 9 Person Cabin Tent is a simple choice. This tent is not only spacious, it includes all of the most essential and updated features to keep you comfortable. Big enough for 2 queen mattresses, this tent is perfect for fitting a large group as well as smaller groups who want more room to spread out.

The ventilation and removable rainfly features are what truly make the Core 9 Person Cabin Tent stand out. The advanced venting system draws cool air from adjustable vents on the ground of the tent while also allowing hot air to escape through the mesh ceiling. The removable rainfly gives you complete protection from the elements when needed, but also gives you the option to remove it to enjoy the sky and open air. Other unique features include wall storage pockets, a carry bag, and a large “T”-door for easy access and increased airflow.

CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent Key Features: 

  • Dimensions: 14′ x 9′ x 78″
  • 78″ center height
  • 2 rooms with dividers
  • 60-second setup
  • Electrical cord access port
  • H20 Block technology and adjustable ground vent
  • Removable rainfly

Best Cabin Tent with a Screened-in Porch: Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Best Cabin Tent with a Screened-in Porch

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent

Enjoy the outdoors in comfort from the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent’s roomy porch.

The Coleman WeatherMaster Tent is made to withstand the elements. Large enough to fit 6 people, this cabin tent includes a separate screen room for bug-free lounging. Additional comfort features include a hinged door for easy access to and from the tent, storage pockets for all of your essentials, and an e-port for electrical power.

The WeatherTec system includes welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry in the heavy rainfall, a wind-strong frame, and a weather-resistant zipper cuff for added protection.

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent Key Features:

  • 11 x 9′ with 6’8″ center height
  • Fits up to 6 people
  • Waterproof floors
  • Separate screen room (9′ x 6′)
  • Includes rainfly and expanded carry bag

Best Budget Cabin Tent: Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Best Budget Cabin Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Simple and reliable, the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is the best affordable choice.

With the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup, you’re not sacrificing comfort for the price. While this tent may not have the height as other options, the Coleman Cabin Tent is durable and weatherproof, it also features darkroom technology and 1-minute setup time.

With welded corners, inverted seams, and an integrated rainfly, this tent will keep you safe and dry during the harshest weather conditions. The double-thick fabric prevents holes and bugs from getting in and will ensure you have this tent for the long-run. Darkroom technology is also a stand-out feature of the Coleman Cabin Tent. The ability to block 90% of sunlight allows you to get the sleep you need while lowering temperature build-up.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 96″ x 84″ x 59″
  • 18 lbs
  • 150D/150D Polyester/taped seams
  • Darkroom technology
  • WeatherTech System for rain protection

Best Cabin Tent with Multiple Rooms: Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Best Cabin Tent with Multiple Rooms

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

The Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent’s multiple rooms, entries, and straight walls will have you loving your temporary home in the outdoors.

Straight walls are the most defining feature of cabin tents. The ability to stand comfortably in your outdoor shelter makes all of the difference. The Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent is a perfect example of this, with plenty of space and a center height of 86″, your group will be in no rush to leave camp.

Included in the Core 10 Person Cabin Tent are H20 block technology and adjustable ground vents for rain protection and plenty of airflow. A room divider gives you the option to create two separate spaces with front and backdoor access and a gear loft with a lantern hook and pockets will keep your essentials out of the way and organized until you need them.

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent Key Features:

  • Sleeps 10
  • Center height: 86″
  • Durable 68D Polyester Fabric
  • D-Style door
  • Electrical cord access port
  • Floor size: 14ft x 10ft
  • Included: tent, tent poles, rainfly, gear loft, room divider, tent stakes, expandable carry bag

Best Family Cabin Tent: Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

Best Family Cabin Tent

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

The Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent has the space, comfort, and quick set-up time your family needs to enjoy short or long camping trips.

Family camping trips can be daunting. From children to parents, everyone’s needs are unique, and sleeping in such close quarters can make for an interesting weekend away. The Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent will give your family the comfort they need to be well-rested and ready for all of the outdoor activities you have planned.

Once you arrive at your destination, the quick setup feature of this cabin tent will have you up and running in a matter of minutes. Fitting up to 9 people, the Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent has plenty of space, and its WeatherTec system will keep your family dry. A bonus feature of this tent is the built-in LED lighting and fan system, including a wall illuminated switch, so there’s no need to search for a headlamp in the middle of the night.

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent Key Features: 

  • 14′ x 10′ interior
  • Fits 9 people
  • E-Port to bring electrical power into your tent
  • Built-in LED lighting and fan system
  • WeatherTec system
  • Illuminated wall switch

Who Should Buy a Cabin Tent

Cabin tents are synonymous with comfortable camping. If you are looking for a tent that fits multiple people with enough standing room, a cabin tent is worth considering. These tents are larger and heavier than their standard “dome” tent counterparts so they are not ideal for backpacking or long treks to a campsite.

Cabin tents are a popular option for long camping trips in the outdoors. The space they provide is perfect for lounging or waiting out a storm. If you and your family are looking for a durable tent to camp on the beach, in the mountains, or even in the backyard, a cabin tent could be for you.

These large tents are also ideal for day trips. Many include a mesh rainfly so you can enjoy the outdoor view without baking in the sun or being attacked by mosquitos. Cabin tents also provide shelter from the wind and rain, so you and your group can rest assured knowing you’re prepared for anything.

Best Cabin Tent Overall

Core 9 Person Cabin Tent

With plenty of space and updated features, the Core 9 Person Cabin Tent is a clear winner.

Important Features to Consider

A cabin tent should have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when selecting a cabin tent:

  • Center height. Cabin tents typically have a higher center height than other tents, making standing and moving around in them much easier. If you are looking for a tent with plenty of overhead space you will want to consider how tall the tent is in the center, as well as the height of the walls.
  • Floor space. Floor space is essentially how large the tent is. If you are wanting to fit a big group of people, you will want to consider how many beds a cabin tent can fit. It’s also important to note that while some cabin tents say they are “9, 10 person”, they are typically letting you know the max amount of people who can sleep in them. If you want more room to move around, you will probably want to go with one larger than your group size.
  • Room dividers. Not all cabin tents have room dividers, but if you want privacy from others, this feature could be important. These dividers are a great way to separate space either from others or to designate one room for lounging and the other for sleeping.
  • Weather protection. Most cabin tents have some sort of weather protection. You will want to consider the fabric, flooring, ventilation, and rainfly of each tent you are looking at. There’s nothing worse than getting you and your gear wet while you are stuck in a storm.
  • Setup time. How much time are you wanting to spend setting up your tent? If you want something simple, look for a cabin tent that is “instant set-up”. These tents typically only take a minute or two to pop up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cabin tent?

A cabin tent is a tent that is designed to be more spacious or resembles a “cabin”. These tents typically have a higher center height, larger floor space, and vertical walls. Cabin tents are most often used at campsites or locations where you don’t have to walk a far distance to access. These tents are also most commonly used for larger groups.

How do you set up a cabin tent?

Setting up a cabin tent is much like setting up any type of tent and varies from brand to size. If you are looking for a quick setup, you might want to choose a tent that has an instant pop-up design. These tents are made to pop up quickly and usually only take a minute. Other tents are also fairly straightforward to set up depending on their instructions. You may want to consider having someone help you set up your cabin tent if it is especially large.

Is a cabin tent better than a dome tent?

Both cabin and dome tents serve specific purposes, so one is not better than the other. Choosing which one is for you is entirely up to preference and use case. Are you camping in one place with a large group and want a tent you can move around in? You might want a cabin tent. Are you covering a lot of distance on a backpacking trip? A lightweight dome tent is probably what you need. You can check out our list of the best backpacking tents here.

How much does a cabin tent cost?

The cost of cabin tents can range anywhere from $100 to $500. This is dependent on a variety of factors including size, fabric, room dividers, and weather technology. If you are looking for a basic tent that fits a family of four, you can typically expect to spend around $150. If you are a larger group that wants more center height and space, a good quality tent will be around $250. A tent that costs upwards of $300 will likely be beyond the basic setup and include luxury features.

Other Cabin Tents We Reviewed

Best Cabin Tent Overall

Core 9 Person Cabin Tent

With plenty of space and updated features, the Core 9 Person Cabin Tent is a clear winner.

We looked at 20 other cabin tents. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best cabin tents list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your next camping trip. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Family Cabin Tents

Camp Creek 4 Cabin Tent 

Camp Creek 4

The Camp Creek 4 Cabin Tent is perfect for a family of four. With an instant setup, you can avoid the stress and simply pop up your tent wherever you choose.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 7’6 x 8’6
  • Center Height: 84″
  • Fits 4 people
  • Easy setup
  • Zippered mesh doors, windows, and roof for ultimate ventilation

Cost: $155

Coleman 8-Person Tent

Coleman 8 Person Tent

This tent is affordable and spacious. Sleeping up to 8 people, the Coleman 8 Person Tent has all of the comforts you need including a tall center height, hinged door, and awning.

Key Features:

  • 15-minute setup
  • Dimensions: 16′ x 7′, center height: 6’2″
  • Hinged door with awning
  • Weather-proof technology

Cost: $140

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent

Core 11 Person Family Tent

The Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent will allow your family to move around and sleep comfortably. With a front screen room and H20 block technology, you can wait out any unwanted weather peacefully. A gear loft provides essential storage and even more space.

Key Features:

  • Sleeps 11 people
  • Front screen room
  • Gear loft
  • Core H20 block technology

Cost: $230

Easy Go Products Camping Tent

Easy pop up tent

This basic tent is surprisingly large. Fitting up to 8 people, the Easy Go Products Camping Tent is 7 feet tall and extremely durable.

Key Features:

  • Sleeps 6-8 people
  • Full enclosure with 4 walls, solid ceiling and PVC floor
  • 9’8″ wide and 7′ height
  • Pop-up canopy tent not included

Cost: $100

KAZOO Family Camping Tent

Kazoo family camping tent

The Kazoo Family Camping Tent is simple and effective. The ventilation and large tent porch are what really make this cabin tent stand out. Stay out of the sun while still enjoying the outdoor surroundings with this colorful shelter space.

Key Features:

  • Fits 4 people (bigger sizes available)
  • Instant setup
  • Large tent porch
  • Optimized Ventilation with mesh walls and ceiling

Cost: $190

6 Person Cabin Tents

Alpha Camp 6 Person Tent

Alpha camping tent 6

The Alpha Camp tent will bring durability and simplicity to your camping setup. With a 60-second setup time, you will be off doing your outdoor activities in no time, and with a wind-strong frame and big mesh windows, you can rest assured that you will be relaxing in comfort when rain hits.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 10′ x 9′, center height: 72″
  • 60-second setup
  • “D” style door and side windows for views and ventilation
  • Includes rainfly, tent stakes and carry bag

Cost: $125

Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent 

Coleman Montana Camping Tent

The Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent will bring the comfort of home to the outdoors. This tent includes an extended door awning, 15-minute setup, and plenty of space to spread out and get a good night’s sleep.

Key Features:

  • WeatherTec system to keep water out
  • Extended door awning
  • Dimensions: 12′ x 7′, center height: 5’8″
  • 15-minute setup

Cost: $100

OT QOMOTOP 6 Person Tent

OT qomotop

The OT QOMOTOP 6 Person Tent includes all of the essentials. Quick setup, a center height of 5’9″ and plenty of ventilation will give you everything you need on your next adventure.

Key Features:

  • 60-second setup
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 9′, center height: 5’9″
  • Mesh roof & ground vent
  • Waterproof technology

Cost: $110

Pacific Pass Camping Tent 

Pacific Pass Camping Tent

If you’re looking for a straightforward and durable cabin tent, the Pacific Pass Camping Tent could have your name on it. This tent sleeps up to six and reviewers rave about its stability and waterproof technology.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 120″ x 108.3″, center height: 72″
  • 4 zippered mesh windows & D-shaped door
  • Stable and safe with waterproof technology
  • 5-minute setup

Cost: $130

Timber Ridge 6 Person Cabin Tent

Timber Ridge Camping Tent

The Timber Ridge 6 Person Cabin Tent has all of the key features including a defining O-shaped door for easy access and keeping dirt and bugs out. This tent will fit your family or friends comfortably with a center height of 6’5″.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 10′ x 10′, center height: 78″
  • Instant setup
  • 3 zippered mesh roll-up windows and top mesh window for ventilation
  • O-shaped door

Cost: $150

Cabin Tents with Multiple Rooms

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent 

Browning Camping Tent

Multiple rooms provide the space and privacy many tents are lacking. The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent will have you stretching out and enjoying your space outside. A two room divider and separate doorways allow for two separate sleep areas or a lounge room for those not ready to turn in early.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass poles and steel uprights for stability and durability
  • Two-room wall divider
  • Dimensions: 10′ x 15′, center height: 87″
  • Mesh storage pockets and polyester fly
  • Six large windows & two doorways

Cost: $240

Coleman Signature Tent

Coleman Signature Tent

The Coleman Signature Tent doesn’t just have a unique shape, it also has plenty of room to fit up to 8 people. A privacy room diver with 2 separate doors is also included, so camping with 2 groups is simple.

Key Features:

  • Steel poles
  • Water-resistant polyester rainfly
  • Fits 8 people
  • Privacy room divider
  • 2 doors

Cost: $265

Core Lighted 12 Person Tent

Core Lighted 12 Person Tent

A tent that can comfortably sleep 12 people is hard to find, but the Core Lighted 12 Person Tent is a great option if you’re planning a big camping trip. This tent includes two room dividers and a built-in LED lighting system for late nights.

Key Features:

  • Built-in LED lighting
  • 2-minute setup
  • Dimensions: 18′ x 10′, center height: 80″
  • Adjustable vent system
  • Two included room dividers

Cost: $400

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent 

Ozark Trail Camping Tent

The Ozark Trail Cabin Tent includes 3 rooms and fits up to 10 people. While not as high as other tent options, it provides plenty of ground space and multiple windows and doors for ventilation.

Key Features:

  • One center door and 2 side doors
  • Six windows
  • 3 rooms
  • Fits 10 people
  • Dimensions: 20′ x 10′, center height: 78″

Cost: $150

Tahoe Gear Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Camping Tent

This luxury cabin tent fits 16 people – 16! The Tahoe Gear Family Cabin Tent is perfect if you want a little extra space for your family or if you want to invite some friends along. This tent features a fly canopy, mesh design, and a room divider.

Key Features:

  • Fits 16 people
  • Fly canopy for extra coverage
  • Open mesh design and floor vents for ventilation
  • Room divider

Cost: $240

Cabin Tents with a Screened-in Porch

ALPHA CAMP Tent with Screen Room

Alpha Camp Tent with Screen Porch

Screened-in porches are a great way to organize your tent and lounge without getting burnt or bitten by little critters. The Alpha Camp Tent with Screen Room is a perfect option for larger groups. This tent features a separate, floor-less screen room, “D”-style doors, and side windows to regulate temperature and provide you with some great views.

Key Features:

  • Separate floor-less screen room provides weather and sun protection
  • “D” style door and side windows for ventilation and views
  • 17″x9′ floor space, center height: 80″
  • 2 large side pockets

Cost: $190

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent

Coleman Elite Tent

Not only does the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster Tent have a 9′ x 6′ screen porch, but it also has an LED light system overhead, giving you plenty of light when the sun goes down. With a center height of 6’8″, this cabin tent is perfect for both big and small families.

Key Features: 

  • Fits 6 people
  • LED light system for overhead interior light
  • 9′ x 6′ screen room for lounging
  • Center height of 6’8″
  • WeatherTec System and rainfly

Cost: $210

Core 6 Person Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Core 6 Person Straight Wall

The Core 6 Person Cabin Tent with Screen Room is a perfect medium size and includes a separate 10′ x 5′ screen room. Also included is an advanced venting system and gear loft with a lantern hook for extra storage.

Key Features:

  • Advanced venting system
  • Water-repellent rainfly
  • Gear loft with lantern hook
  • Tent size: 10′ x 9′ x 76″
  • Screen room: 10′ x 5′

Cost: $200

Core Instant Cabin Tent with Awning

Core Instant Cabin Tent

The Core Instant Cabin Tent with Awning doesn’t have your typical screen room but it does feature a front awning to lounge and stay out of the sun. With an instant setup and center height of 72″, you’ll be relaxing outside in no time.

Key Features:

  • 60-second setup
  • Sleeps 6 people
  • “T” style door & awning
  • Gear loft & lantern hook
  • Center height: 72″

Cost: $170

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent with Screen

Large enough to sleep 9 people, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent with Screen Room allows you to enjoy the scenery without the bugs and heat. Other notable features include 2-minute setup time and large windows with mesh screens.

Key Features:

  • Large windows with mesh screens
  • 2-minute setup
  • Sleeps 9 people
  • Screen room for bug-free lounging

Cost: $215

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