The Best Camping Tents

Whether you are relaxing at a campground or hiking miles on a backpacking trip, choosing the right tent will make all of the difference when it comes to comfort and utility. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a tent that will fit your needs, including where you will be setting it up, weather conditions, and how many people will be inside.

To make this selection easier, we have reviewed dozens of camping tents to find the best options that fit your specific requirements. Based on features such as size, weight, water protection, breath-ability, and ratings, we have narrowed down our search to the top 5 best camping tents.

If you’re looking for a tent to lounge in and bring to the beach, check out our review of the best canopy tents.

Top Pick

Coleman Dome Tent

This classic tent will enhance your camping experience with ease and comfort.

When it came to overall versatility and reliability, the Coleman Dome Tent was a clear winner. This tent fits all average-sized family’s needs without extra weight and a complicated set-up. The Coleman Dome tent is straightforward and will ensure your family of 4 sleep like babies.

The Top-5 Rated Camping Tents

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Top PickColeman Dome Tent4.4
Runner UpGazelle Pop-Up Camping Hub Tent4.8
Budget PickAlvantor Camping Tent3.8
Best Family TentNTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person Tent4.6
Best Backpacking TentHyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: Coleman Dome Tent

Search for any type of camping equipment and you are bound to come across the name Coleman. This brand has been trusted in the outdoor community for years and with the Coleman Dome Tent , it’s easy to see why. This tent’s reliability and simplicity stand out among competition but it’s bonus features such as electrical access ports and dark room technology make it the clear choice for top pick.

Ever notice you wake up earlier than usual when your camping? The Coleman Dome Tent allows you to sleep in after a long night with its dark room technology. This stand-out feature blocks 90% of sunlight, reducing your tent’s internal temperature dramatically.  While dark room technology lets you keep the sun out, the tent’s large screen panels on the ceiling and window ventilation welcome sunlight (without welcoming the critters). So whether you want views or a dark cocoon, The Coleman Dome Tent has got you.

Camping is unpredictable – partly what makes it so fun. With the Coleman Dome Tent, you can be prepared for whatever mother nature serves up. Additional features such as a sturdy frame that withstands 35+ mph winds, ventilation screens, and WeatherTech system for keeping your tent dry, make it the best choice for any camping adventure.

Coleman Dome Tent Key Features:

  • Electrical Access Port
  • 10.24lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Dimensions: 108 x 49 x 84 inches
  • Large door w/ hooded fly & window for ventilation
  • Easy pack up with carry bag
  • Dark room technology blocks 90% of sunlight -reducing temp and letting you sleep in
  • WeatherTec sytem helps it stay dry
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for quick setup
  • Interior mesh storage pocket

Our Runner Up Pick: Gazelle Pop-Up Camping Tent

Runner Up

Gazelle Pop-Up Camping Tent

Glamp it up with the Gazelle Pop-Up Tent and all of its bonus features.

The Gazelle Pop-Up Camping Tent gets five-stars for comfort and ease. While a little pricier than other options, customers rave about this tent, calling it “the ultimate pop-up camping tent” for its space, height, and simple set-up. Not only does this runner-up option check all of the boxes for practical camping, it also includes bonus comfort features such as a 90-second set-up time, tall height, and multiple pockets for storage.

The Gazelle tent is perfect for families of four or campers who want a roomy space to relax in, even in the harshest weather conditions. The completely detachable floor panel, attachable rain fly, and durable zippers are just a few of the key features that make this tent a top contender in the durability compartment.  Wind, rain, snow, and sleet are no match for the Gazelle Pop-Up Tent.

When weather is on your side, the Gazelle Pop-Up Tent offers plenty of air ventilation options, windows, and doors. This three-season tent will enhance whatever camping trip you go on while pleasing even the most skeptical campers.

Gazelle Pop-Up Camping Tent Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 80
  • 30lbs
  • Multiple pockets for personal belongings
  • Windows for ventilation
  • 4 person
  • 61 square feet of floor space
  • Attachable rain fly
  • Completely detachable floor panel
  • 90-second set-up

Best Budget Pick: Alvantor Camping Tent

Best for Budget

Alvantor Camping Tent

Don’t let the price fool you, this tent has everything you need for a successful night under the stars.

No, the price isn’t too good to be true. With the Alvantor Camping Tent, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. While this tent may not come with all of the bells and whistles of other pricier options, it is extremely innovative and has all of the essentials without the heavy weight.

You don’t have to worry about this tent collapsing due to harsh weather conditions. With features such as a sturdy fiberglass pole frame, durable rainfly, waterproof material, and mesh vents, you can rest assured that you will sleep comfortably.

The Alvantor Camping Tent is spacious for one adult and cozy for two. It’s lightweight design (only 2.6lbs) and simple fold up make it perfect for backpacking or campsites. No matter where your adventure takes you, this tent will guarantee reliable shelter at the end of the day. And with the low price, it’s worth seeing for yourself!

Alvantor Camping Tent Key Features:

  • 2.6lbs
  • Multiple storage pockets
  • Rainfly
  • Sturdy fiberglass pole frame
  • Dimensions: 79” x 48” x 40”
  • Dimensions rolled up: 5″x 6.5″x 24″
  • Easy set-up & fold-down

The Best Family Tent: NTK Arizona Tent

Best Family Tent

NTK Arizona Tent

This spacious tent has everything your family needs to camp comfortably.

Going on a family camping trip? The NTK Arizona Tent has got you covered. With 2 rooms, 2 doors, and 3 windows, this tent has the space you need for comfortable family bonding. While the Arizona tent is extremely roomy (fits up to 10 people), its narrow design doesn’t take up too much space, allowing you to pop it up pretty much anywhere.

NTK is a trusted brand that has been making tents for years. They pride themselves on providing the ultimate quality camping experience for families, putting safety and comfort first. Easy assembly with color-coded poles, large D-style doors with mosquito mesh, and a gear loft for storage are just a few noteworthy features that make this model the obvious choice for best family tent.

Planning a camping trip with a large group can be intimidating, but with plenty of space and a simple set up, the NTK Arizona Tent will make your outdoor experience much easier, allowing you and your family to focus on enjoying the outdoors.

NTK Arizona Tent Key Features:

  • 26lbs
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 205 x 245 x 530cm / 6.7 x 8 x 17.4ft
  • Bathtub-style construction
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious – 2 rooms, 2 doors, 3 windows
  • Easy assembly with color coded poles v
  • 6.2 ft height
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Large covered mesh vents for ventilation
  • Large d-style doors with mosquito mesh for great views
  • Storage pockets and gear loft for gear storage
  • Easy set-up and take-down
  • Room separator
  • Lifetime pole replacement

The Best Backpacking Tent: Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent

Best Backpacking Tent

Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent

Lightweight and innovative, this tent will let you hike farther and faster.

If you’re hiking the distance, every ounce you’re carrying counts.  Backpacking gives you access to some of the wildest places, and the Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent allows you to sleep comfortably no matter where your adventure takes you.

When deciding on the best backpacking tent, weight was a serious factor. But lightweight can only go so far without other features such as durability, ventilation, and water-resistance. Fortunately, the Hyke & Byke Zion Tent covers all of these bases. For only 3.8 lbs, this tent is extremely spacious including enough room for two and near vertical walls. Additional features include 2 doors, no-see-um walls, easy set-up, rainfly, and water-proof design.

If you’ve ever been backpacking, you know that organization is key. This tent’s two vestibule design is perfect for gear storage and easy access. The Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent also includes corner pockets and a gear loft.

Hike farther and more efficiently with the Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent!

Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent Key Features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free-standing ultralight set up
  • Easy set up – 1 pole with clip-pole attachment
  • 3 seasons
  • Footprint and gear loft
  • 2 person
  • Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 42 inches
  • 3.81 pounds
  • Rainfly
  • Bathtub floor
  • Waterproof

Who Should Buy a Camping Tent

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, purchasing a quality camping tent is in your best interest. A tent gives you the freedom to drive anywhere and still have a free place to sleep. Car camping and cowboy camping (sleeping outside in a sleeping bag) are some alternatives to tent camping but car camping often takes time to set up and cowboy camping doesn’t give you protection from weather and critters. Additionally, camping in a tent gives you a private space to get away from the group or other campers nearby while sheltering you from unwanted outside elements.

Road trips are a great way to see many places in a shorter amount of time. Staying at hotels along the way is costly, and limits you to where you can go each day. Having a reliable camping tent with you will enhance your road trip experience by allowing you to stop and set up camp along the way. Depending on where you are traveling, there are multiple resources to find designated campsites or free dispersed camping on National Forest or BLM land.

There seem to be new music festivals popping up daily. If you are interested in making the trek to a weekend long music festival or other event, a camping tent is very helpful. While fun, these events can get overwhelming and it is nice to have a comfortable place to sleep at night and get away from the chaos.

Top Pick

Coleman Dome Tent

This classic tent will enhance your camping experience with ease and comfort.

Important Features to Consider

A camping tent to have a few important features. Here’s what to consider when choosing a camping tent:

  • Size. The amount of space you require should be a top consideration when deciding which camping tent is right for you. The amount of people a tent can sleep often doesn’t leave much room for storage or other space you might need to feel comfortable. For example, a 2-person tent will be snug with two adults, so if you want some extra room to spread out in you might consider purchasing a 3-person tent instead.  It is also important to consider where you will be camping and the amount of room you will have to set up your tent.
  • Height. Most standard tents will not be tall enough to stand up fully in. If you are especially tall or want more headspace, it might be worth looking into taller tent options. While these are pricier, they often come with added features and can be especially nice when camping with your family or big groups.
  • Water-resistance. If you’re camping outside, chances are you might experience some weather. One of the greatest aspects of being in the outdoors is the adventure of being in a foreign place and all of unpredictability that comes with it. However, when what you are dealing with is heavy wind and rain, having a waterproof tent is essential for staying safe and warm. Most tents are water-resistant to some extent, but you will want to look for features such as a bathtub design, rainfly, and water-resistant material that the tent is made out of.
  • Weight. When selecting a tent, weight is another important feature to keep in mind. If you are simply driving to a campsite and setting up camp there, having a heavy tent may not matter as much. However, if you are backpacking or need to walk some distance to your campsite, a lighter option will be vital.
  • Ventilation. Air flow is extremely important in a camping tent. Because you are in a smaller space, it is very easy for the inside of your tent to feel stuffy and get overheated. When looking for a tent, be sure to take note on the amount of windows and mesh vents it has.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pitch a tent step-by-step?

  • Step 1: Find the right location. When searching for the right spot to set up your tent, you will want to find the most level area possible that can accommodate your tent’s size. Make sure this spot is clear of any rocks, branches, twigs, or dips.
  • Step 2: Roll out and unfold your tent. While not necessary, it is helpful to have a tarp already laid out to roll your tent onto. Once you have unfolded your tent in the place you want, you are ready to insert the tent poles.
  • Step 3: Insert tent poles. Straighten out each tent pole and insert it into the correct sleeved channel. In many cases, each pole is the same size so where you insert it doesn’t matter. However, in more complex designs, poles will be color-coded depending on length to help guide you.
  • Step 4: Take up tension in the poles. There is most likely an eyelet or other securing device located around the base of your tent that you can secure your poles to. Once you have fixed the poles on each side, there will be tension that will create a sort of arc where you can see your tent taking shape.
  • Step 5: Raise the tent. Starting at one end of your tent, pull it upright. Make sure that your doors and windows are unzipped to allow your tent to fill with air easily.
  • Step 6: Stake the tent. Once your tent is upright and in place, use metal stakes to fit through the tent flaps and push them into the ground. Depending on where you are, you may need a hammer or blunt object to get them in deep enough.

Do you need a footprint for your tent?

A tent footprint is used to protect the bottom of your tent from abrasions that are often caused by tossing and turning during the night or simply moving around. So, the question of really needing a footprint is up to you. While they protect your investment in a tent and can extend the amount of use you get out of it, having a footprint is not required. You can also use materials not specifically designated as a footprint to protect your tent including table cloths or polyethylene sheeting.

How do you set up a tent in the rain?

If you are setting up a tent in the rain or are expecting rain, there are some different factors to consider. For instance, when choosing your site you will want to make sure you are not under a tree where rain drops will collect and continue to drop on you, and you will also want to steer clear of any lakes or rivers close by.

If it is raining while you are setting up your tent, it may be a good idea to set up a lightweight tarp overhead first. This way you will be able to stay out of the rain while you set up your tent. You can even move your tent once you are done popping it up and use the tarp as an additional shelter space!

Do you need a tarp under your tent?

Similar to a tent footprint, a tarp under your tent isn’t necessary but it is helpful. A tarp will help keep your tent dry and warm as well as provide an extra layer of protection from wear and tear.

Other Camping Tents We Reviewed

Top Pick

Coleman Dome Tent

This classic tent will enhance your camping experience with ease and comfort.

We looked at 20 other camping tents. Even though they didn’t make our 5 best camping tents list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Lightweight Camping Tents

LETHMIK Backpacking Tent


For a 3-person tent, 3.8lbs isn’t so bad. The LETHMIK Backpacking tent is affordable, practical, and spacious for backpacking or a simple camping trip. Not only does this tent come with essential durability features such as water-restistance, it also is easy to set up – only taking 30-seconds!

Key Features:

  • 2-3 person
  • Includes: 1 Carry bag, 1 Inner tent, 1 cover, 4 alloy stakes, 4 windproof ropes
  • Dimensions: 78.7 x 78.7 x 55 inches
  • 30-second set up

Cost: $60



Customers love the value and quality of the ALPHA CAMP Dome Tent. This lightweight tent may be heavier than other backpacking options, but it has all the features you need for a ‘glamping’ experience in the back country including storage and large mesh roof vents for ventilation.

Key Features:

  • Large mesh roof vents
  • Overhead mesh pockets for gear storage
  • 2-person
  • Dimensions: 84″L x 72″W x 42″H
  • 6.7 lbs

Cost: $41

Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent

Featherstone Outdoor Tent

The Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent is a reliable 3-season option. This tent is well-regarded by customers as durable and lightweight and comes with additional features such as aluminum steaks, reflective guy line rope, and waterproof footprint.

Key Features:

  • 6.3 lbs
  • 2-person
  • Weather protected
  • Easy set-up & free standing

Cost: $100

Campla Camping Tent

Campla Tent

Want to take the family on a backpacking trip? The Campla Camping Tent may be what you’re looking for. This lightweight shelter fits 3 people and is simple to set up and take down. With plenty of windows for ventilation, waterproof material, and wind-resistant technology, this tent has just what you need to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable.

Key Features:

  • 5.31 lbs
  • 2-3 person
  • Waterproof & anti-wear rain fly
  • 2 prop-up triangle windows and two opposite ventilating mesh zippered doors

Cost: $66

Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent

Paria Outdoor Products

This tent checks has all of the essentials for a backpacking tent for a fraction of the price. Weighing in at just 2 lbs, the Paria Outdoor Products Bryce Ultralight Tent is flexible, durable, and equipped with features such as two-way inner and outer zipper, mesh pockets, and waterproof material for even the harshest conditions.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • 2 lbs
  • Two-way inner and outer zippers
  • Mesh pockets
  • Back vent with kickstand
  • 5,000 mm silicon/PU waterproofing
  • 1-person

Cost: $140

2-4 Person Camping Tents

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent

The Kelty Grand Mesa tent gives you the value and comfort of a quality tent at a reasonable price and weight. Thoughtful touches such as color-coded clip construction and storage space make this 2 person tent worth considering.

Key Features:

  • 2-person
  • Color-coded clip construction
  • Dimensions: 85 x 43 x 57 inches
  • 4.75 lbs
  • Number of doors: 1, Number of vestibules: 1, Capacity: 2, Number of aluminum poles: 2

Cost: $112

Chillbo CABBINS 2-Person Camping Tent

Chillbo CABBINS Tent

Who thought a tent could have personality? Apparently Chillbo. This 2-person tent stands out among the rest with patterns such as “rainbow swizzle” and “green camo”. In addition to the unique look, this tent doesn’t lack on practical features such as water-resistance and ventilation.

Key Features:

  • 2-3 person
  • 2000 mm Waterproof tent with seams sealed to keep you dry
  • Easy Access and very breathable tent via 2 large D-frame doors and 2 mesh window panels
  • 8.6 lbs
  • Multiple colors & patterns

Cost: $86

ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 3-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 3-Person Tent is perfect for an avid backpacker or camper. As a brand, ALPS Mountaineering is well regarded as creating high-quality gear that is performance driven. This tent speaks to that, with features such as nylon taffeta, multiple windows, and two entry doors.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 80 x 96 x 50 inches
  • 3-person
  • 8 lbs
  • Free-standing, three-pole aluminum design
  • Multiple fly vents and zippered mesh windows, on two easy entry doors
  • Nylon taffeta

Cost: $220

Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent

Eureka! Copper Canyon Tent

This tent is great for a group who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort while being outdoors. With near-vertical walls, and room for 4, the Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent has all the space you need to spread out and relax on your outdoor trip.

Key Features: 

  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 22 inches
  • 4 person
  • 18 lbs
  • Near-vertical walls in this cabin-style tent create a spacious interior ideal for cots and airbeds
  • Power port
  • Two high-stash storage pockets and a gear loft

Cost: $184

Luxe Tempo 2-Person Camping Tent

Luxe Tempo Tent

The Luxe Tempo 2-Person Camping Tent is best known for its outstanding water-resistance and heavy duty structure. Other notable features include 2-doors and windows for ventilation and stunning views.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 82.6 x 55 x 43.3 inches
  • Free standing,2 screened doors,2 vestibules
  • 2-person
  • 5.5 lbs
  • 210T Polyester Taffeta full-coverage sag-free rainfly with all seams sealed resists UV degradation

Cost: $75

Large Camping Tents

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Montana Tent

Camping with 8 people doesn’t have to be uncomfortable with a tent like the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent. This tent’s modified dome structure allows for plenty of room including an extended awning for a dry space to store gear.

Key Features:

  • 8-person
  • Electrical access port
  • Modified dome structure
  • 22.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches

Cost: $129

CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9P Tent

It may come as a surprise to hear a tent that sleeps 9 can be set up in 60-seconds. The CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent is just what it sounds like – a tent that pops up into a cabin-like structure instantly. Additional features including H20 Block Technology and an electrical cord access port make it a comfortable choice for a large group.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 48 x 11 x 10.5 inches
  • 37.1 lbs
  • 9-person
  • Instant set-up
  • H20 Block Technology
  • Room divider
  • Electrical cord access port

Cost: $220

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Tent

Coleman has done it again. The Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent is a fast-pitch tent that sleeps 6 including a separate screen room. The durable frame, added features and size make it a desirable large tent without extra weight that often comes with tents of this size.

Key Features:

  • 19 lbs
  • Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 10 inches
  • 6-person
  • Separate, screened room
  • Window awnings
  • WeatherTec System

Cost: $131

Coleman Weathermaster Tent

Coleman Weathermaster Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster Tent is ideal for large groups and unpredictable weather conditions. With a room divider, water-proof design, and storage space, this tent allows you to keep the adventure going while staying out of the storm.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 30.3 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches
  • 31 lbs
  • Hinged door and angled windows
  • Waterproof
  • Room divider

Cost: $199

Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent

Ozark Trail Tent

The Ozark Trail 12-Person Tent is pretty much as big as it gets. With 3 rooms and 7 windows, this tent is perfect for the biggest of families. Whether your looking to sleep 12 or simply want additional space for storage and relaxing, this tent is worth considering.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 52.4 x 14.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Under 2-minute set-up
  • 12-person
  • 3 rooms
  • 7 windows
  • Rainfly

Cost: $255

Instant Pop-Up Tents

Hewolf Instant Camping Tent

Hewolf Camping Tent

Setting up the Hewolf Instant Camping Tent is as simple as lifting it up and securing it to the ground. With plenty of height and weather protection, this 4-person tent is perfect for camping or spending a day at the beach.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 40.1 x 7 x 6.7 inches
  • Automatic set-up design
  • Waterproof & UV protection
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 2-4 person

Cost: $83

Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant Tent

Besides the fact that the Colman Instant Setup Cabin Tent only takes 60-seconds to set up, it also has a variety of bonus features. Dark room technology, UV protection, and a convenient storage bag are all reasons why this tent makes your trip to any destination much easier.

Key Features:

  • 4-person
  • 150D/150D Polyester/taped seams
  • Instant, 1-minute setup
  • Integrated vented rainfly improves airflow without any extra assembly needed
  • WeatherTec system
  • 8 x 7 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height

Cost: $78

Night Cat Camping Tent

Night Cat Camping Tent

The Night Cat Camping Tent’s secret to instant setup is its use of an advanced hydraulic pressure mechanism to eliminate the need for heavy labors and time.  This tent is roomy for two and can sleep up to 3 comfortably.

Key Features:

  • 2-3 person
  • Advanced Hydraulic pressure mechanism for instant setup
  • 210D durable oxford tent fabric

Cost: $80

Sportneer Camping Tent

Sportneer Camping Tent

The Sportneer Camping Tent specializes in instant assembly using a hydraulic automatic system. In addition to the ease of setup, customers also rave about this tent’s quality polyester material that wicks away moisture, creating a dry space to wait out bad weather.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
  • Hydraulic automatic system for easy setup
  • Rainproof
  • 2-3 person
  • 8.8 lbs

Cost: $60

Timber Ridge Instant Tent

Timber Ridge Instant Tent

If you want a hassle-free tent that will fit a large family comfortably, the Timber Ridge Instant Tent may be for you. This tent fit’s 6 people, requires no assembly, and includes a 1 year warranty.

Key Features:

  • 6 person
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 78 inches
  • 25.4 lbs
  • 3 zippered mesh windows
  • 1 year warranty

Cost: $150

Morgan Miller