The Best Cruiser Bikes

The best beach cruisers are a versatile bicycle-type designed for a wide range of uses (comfortable cruises being the primary). Whether you aim to purchase a bike for keeping up with your fitness goals, or you just want to feel the rush of a good ride, a beach cruiser is just the sort of two-wheeled companion you are looking for. However, before you head out to get your first cruiser, you must know about some of the most popular models on the market. Knowing about these bikes might help you pick out the one that is ideal for your needs. So let’s dive into it. Or in this case, let’s ride into it!

We reviewed dozens of cruiser bikes to bring you the best of the best available on the market. We looked at features like whether they are comfortable for long distances, types of suspension, durability, how easy their handling is, and what Amazon buyers had to say about them.

Top Pick

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

This supremely comfortable beach cruiser for men comes in 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed models.

It is not easy to select a top pick when there is so much to choose from. In today’s market, every manufacturer is trying to outdo the other. However, with the multiple speed settings combine with the simplicity made the Urban Man Beach Cruiser by Firmstrong our favorite. No matter what kind of rider, you will find something to love about the bike. Perhaps its the classic style statement that the bike is trying to present. Maybe its the handlebar design that just allows you to almost rest while riding. Perhaps its the incredible comfort features. Whatever your preference, Urban Man will give it to you.

The 5 Top-Rated Cruiser Bikes

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Best OverallFirmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle4.0
Runner UpFirmstrong Urban Ladies Beach Cruiser Bicycle4.2
Best Budget Buy24″ La Jolla Girls’ Cruiser Bike4.4
Best Women’s CruiserEVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser4.7
Best Men’s Cruisersixthreezero Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser4.6

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

It’s incredible when manufacturers pamper people with choices. It is essential for any rider to choose the way he would like to use his bicycle. Which is why, with the Urban Man Beach Cruiser, you get four different speed options: 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed. You can pick the speed option you would like for your bike based on your objectives. If you are merely looking to enjoy bicycling as a casual endeavor, then you could pick the 1-speed option. However, if you are planning a cross-country marathon, then the 21-speed option is the one most suitable for you.

What draws you to this bike is its simplicity. It allows you to focus on its quality and power without distracting you with too many features. The frame of the bike is rigid, adding strength and durability to the vehicle. It also includes curves designed to keep balance and help with the rider’s posture. The perfectly placed drivetrain allows you to cruise up to speeds of 15 mph (or close to 24 kph.) You receive a reverse pedal brake, giving you sufficient braking power when you need it. There is an adequate number of spokes on the wheel to prevent the tires from experiencing stress.

One of the things we liked about the bike was the handlebars. You receive an excellent little addition at the end to rest your hands (or even your arms), in a comfortable position. Finally, the seat is pleasant to sit on. Firmstrong has added new springs and cushions to make your ride easygoing for long periods.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Main Features:

  • Speed control with four-speed options
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Solid comfort even when riding for long periods

Our Runner Up Pick: Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Runner Up

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Another superb beach cruiser from Firmstrong, made for ladies and coming in 1-speed and 5-speed.

We could not help adding another Firmstrong product to this list. They make some incredible bicycles. This time, we wanted to add this model because the first one had a more masculine feel to it. So ladies here is one for you. With the Urban Lady Beach Cruiser, lightweight is the name of the game. The bicycle stands at just 34 pounds for the 1-speed model and just 50 pounds for the 5-speed model. With the frame size being only 16 inches, you are getting a compact and stylish bicycle.

The seating is vital in any bicycle. Without proper seat spacing, you might only add more pressure on your back, which is why the Urban Lady gives you an extra large saddle for convenience. The seat also features a layer of padding to keep your buttocks area under less stress. Color is not a problem with the Urban Lady. You get to choose from over 16 different colors; perfect to match your personality or style choice.

Tires are designed to handle different terrains, perfect for when you want to shift from the footpath to gravel or perform other similar terrain changes. Brakes are designed to stop your momentum quickly even when you are riding fast, increasing reaction times. The braking system itself is of superior quality, reducing wear and tear after multiple uses. Finally, the entire bicycle is built to last. It is durable, reliable, and is resistant to many forms of physical damages.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Main Features:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Comes in 16 different color options!
  • Sturdy finish to add durability to the bicycle

Best Budget Pick: La Jolla Girls’ Cruiser Bike

Best for Budget

La Jolla Girls’ Cruiser Bike

A lightweight cruiser designed for females coming with a basket attachment and a max comfort seat.

Who needs to wait for spring to experience the sensations that come with the season? Because with the La Jolla Girls’ Cruiser Bike, you are only going to imagine fresh flowers, full-blooms, and rays of sunshine! The manufacturers have designed this bike for women and even made it lightweight for extra convenience. At just 40 pounds, you won’t have to carry this bike over quite some distance if required. The aluminum frame makes the bicycle sturdier, adding durability, and keeping a nice balance through the vehicle. As aluminum itself is a lightweight material, maneuvering using La Jolla’s bicycle is simply smooth and fluid.

The bike is designed to fit the expertise of beginners who are new to handling a two-wheel ride. However, with the strength that the bike provides, veterans will find themselves experiencing a pleasant journey. Landing corners and jumping into new terrains feels like a breeze when you are on this bicycle. The saddle is shaped to provide maximum comfort and assist in your posture. Not only that, you can adjust the seat to fit your height. This becomes particularly useful when you have to maintain a proper angle while holding the handlebars.

No bicycle that makes you feel like it is spring should deprive you of the ability to look like it is spring. Well, with the ane basket attachment at the front of the bike, the bike just begs for a spin in the sunshine! The basket adds an extra carriage for your bags or other small items, providing you convenience during shopping or for long rides.

La Jolla Girls’ Cruiser Bike Main Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Saddle adds comfort and allows for height adjustments
  • The cane basket is a convenient addition

Best Women’s Cruiser: EVERYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser

Best Women’s Cruiser

Women’s EVERYjourney Beach Cruiser

Reminscent of the 1970s, this aesthetically retro bike for women comes with 26-inch wheels and seven speeds.

Sixthreezero is marvelous at manufacturing bicycles with classy designs, and the Women’s EVERYjourney Beach Cruiser is not different. Featuring an aesthetic that might remind you of the 70s, the bike looks like it might appeal to a large crowd of people. As soon as you receive the bike, it comes 80% assembled. This makes it convenient to put the remaining parts together (trust us, they are easy) and get started on your riding adventure.

Because the bicycle is a hybrid cruiser, it is designed to align to a wide range of female riders, from casual travelers to fitness conscious women to everyone in between. We could even recommend this bike to mothers who would prefer to find a mode of transportation that adds comfort but does not consume fuel. The upright position of the bike keeps the rider comfortable for long periods. With the 7-speed settings, you can instantly transform from a casual cyclist to a speed junkie!

The dual spring saddle lessens the strain on your back. The foot-forward design assists you when you want to maintain a comfortable stance between foot and hip. This becomes useful when pedaling over long distances. The 26-inch wheels maintain balance, allow terrain shifts, and give enough suspension to reduce the bumpiness of a ride. Uphill riding, while it is still a challenge, will be something you might be able to overcome with ease. The pedals and brake mechanism bring power and precision to a bike that already has a lot going on for it.

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Main Features:

  • Classy design that could appeal to everyone
  • Made for all kinds of riders, from casual commuters to veteran travelers
  • Excellent. breaking and suspension features

Best Men’s Cruiser: sixthreezero Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser

Best Men’s Cruiser

sixthreezero Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser

The Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser by sixthreezero is classy, stylish, and exceptionally well made.

When it comes to creating high-quality hybrid bicycles, one of the most innovative brands in the market is sixthreezero. This quality is prevalent on the Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser. The first thing you might spot, or rather feel, is the incredible steel frame of the bicycle. This goes to show that the company is taking strength seriously.

Style has not been placed in the backseat (no pun intended) as the saddle-style feels just like the superb-quality part that it is. The leather grips of the bicycle feature excellent stitchings, and you will notice similar high-quality design choices throughout the bike. The Shimano gear shifting system allows you to speed up or decelerate without much resistance. The rubber block pedals give comfort to your feet while the frame adds support to your posture. Moreover, you also have the option to choose between a 1-speed bike and a 7-speed bike, letting you decide your degree of casualty or expertise.

One thing we noticed when right the bike was the balloon tires. These tires allow you to traverse bumpy terrain without giving your lower back a lot of stress. Additionally, with the saddle, you are getting a comfortable ride. Pedals are positioned to be accessible, and the braking system adds a whole new degree of power to the bike. The bike comes 85% assembled, which means you will only be attaching the saddle, handlebars, and the pedals. Finally, the look. If superheroes had a bike, then this would be it. The Men’s Hybrid Beach Cruiser is classy, stylish, and exceptionally well made.

sixthreezero Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser Main Features:

  • Superb strength and durability
  • Smooth gear shifting system
  • Works with casual and veteran riders

Who Should Buy a Cruiser Bike

Top Pick

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

This supremely comfortable beach cruiser for men comes in 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed models.

When somebody mentions a cruiser bike and the first thing called to your mind is a wire basket attached to a handlebar, you are not wrong. Such type of bike is also great for people who like to pedal their bikes for recreational purposes or everyday errands. Whether you like to take a casual joyride to church, school, beach or liquor store, or strive to be more environment-friendly and thus reduce your carbon footprint, a cruiser bike should be your natural choice. Add to that a fact that cruiser bikes are extremely stable and easy to ride and you will find your favorite among bikes.

Back in the days, these bikes were also known as beach bikes because they were easily ridden on beaches and surrounding areas. They were popular during the 1950s with their popularity revived during the 1990s and is still going strong. Moreover, with the development of lighter materials, the comfort these bikes offer is additionally improved. A cruiser bike is traditionally equipped with an upright handlebar and a bigger cushioned seat that come together with a generally simple frame. These features combined deliver a relaxed sitting position. Wider tires, apart from being a pleasant sight, provide better traction as well as riding comfort. Likewise, it is common to see fenders, kickstand, and a chain guard on cruiser bikes which resemble the bikes people had in their childhood. So do not be surprised if a cruiser bike hits your nostalgia nerve, it is both expected and desirable.

Cruiser bikes come in different sizes, models and colors. Women’s cruisers have their top tube positioned a bit lower than men’s. Unisex models are also available. Likewise, there are bike cruisers for children, making it possible for the whole family to enjoy outings on these both beautiful and functional bikes. Furthermore, there are a lot of additions to this kind of bike. The most popular one without a doubt is a wire basket positioned in front of your handlebar, which gives you some extra space. Another addition very popular among beach cruiser riders is represented by barefoot pedals that will make you feel comfortable even if you are pedaling without your shoes or sandals on. In case you are about to buy a bike and have not decided on the type yet, here are a few points which could help you lean towards a cruiser bike.

Be sure to check out our reviews of the best electric mountain bikes and the best cyclocross bikes for more cycling options.

Important Features to Consider

  • Tires. Easily recognized by their usually wider, so-called “balloon” tires designed in a variety of colors, cruiser bikes can look trendy. Not only do cruiser tires give you the feeling of gliding on thin air, but they also allow the feeling of being firmly grounded as well.
  • Seat. Commonly, the cruiser seat should be more full than a regular bike seat is, as well as cushioned. This feature is something that cruiser bikes are famous for.
  • Comfort level. This is something unbeatable when it comes to cruiser bikes. Big seat, upright handlebar, and wide trademark tires provide the highest level of comfort.
  • Brakes. Another common feature for this type of bike is a coaster brake, which is not so expensive, hence it reduces the total price of the bike. However, a cruiser bike can be equipped with V-brakes, disc brakes, or other bicycle brake system.
  • Durability. Nowadays, aluminum non-corrosive alloy is used for a bicycle frame. If maintained properly, such cruiser bike can last for decades and be of good use to many generations.
  • Gear Type. When we talk about cruiser bikes, they are usually single speed. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to come across 3, 5, or 7-gear cruiser bikes.
  • Price. The price range for cruiser bikes can vary widely, starting from under $100 for cruisers with single speed drivetrain, a metal frame, and a coaster brake. However, it may well exceed $1000 for those models with a lightweight aluminum frame, high-tech shift gear, and brake set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cruiser bike?

A cruiser bike is also known as a beach bike. It is used for a leisure ride on many terrains. This bike’s most distinct feature is its frame design. The top tubes are usually curved. The seat position in cruiser bikes is slightly tilted to the back, which makes riding position more comfortable and relaxed. Another essential element of this type of bike comes in the form of fat wide tires designed for a steadier ride. They will absorb bumps and provide better traction on any surface. Wide cushioned seat built for comfort, a performance and curving arching handlebar are other essential trademarks of cruiser bikes. From the 1990s onwards, many things have been done to adapt cruiser bikes to the needs of the modern world. So far, five specific widely available models have been produced: classic, stretch, low rider, chopper, and multi-speed.

Are cruiser bikes good for commuting?

Cruiser bikes are excellent for a commuter or someone running errands. If you are commuting longer distances, you might find a multi-speed cruiser more appropriate, especially if there are steep sections on your daily trip. Somewhat more substantial and comfortable seat and upright position when riding them make these bikes ideal for commuting. Whether you commute long distances every day or you take just an occasional short ride to the beach or grocery store, you are in for a pure joyride.

Do cruiser bikes have gears?

Cruiser bikes are traditionally made with single speed, so you can only cruise (hence the name) while riding them, neither too slow nor too fast. Single speed is a feature that also brings affordability. That and coaster brake are among common characteristics. These two features put together to provide simplicity. However, to offer more variety, almost every manufacturer also offers models that have three, five, or seven gears together with hand brakes.

How fast does a cruiser bike go?

Cruiser bikes are not designed to be fast since it is not their purpose. If you pedal hard, you might reach the speed of about 15 mph. But speed is not what is meant to be achieved with cruiser bikes. An average cruiser bike rider will want to enjoy a smooth, comfortable and pleasant ride rightfully called cruising.

Other Cruiser Bikes We Reviewed

Top Pick

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

This supremely comfortable beach cruiser for men comes in 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed models.

We looked at 20 other cruiser bikes. While they didn’t make our 5 best cruiser bikes list, they’re still the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your cruising needs. The information you need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Beach Cruiser Bikes

Fito Modena GT-2 Men’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Fito Modena GT-2 Men’s Beach Cruiser Bike.

Light-weight and anti-rust aluminum employed. High-profile and wide tires are used with Shimano front and rear disk brakes.

Key Features:

  • Light-weight body.
  • Anti-rust material used.
  • Wide tires providing great stability
  • Shimano front and rear disk brakes are fitted.

Cost: $340

ENSTVER Urban Beach Cruiser Bicycle for ladies

ENSTVER Urban Beach Cruiser Bicycle for ladies.

Great for cycling on a flat surface as it provides a comfortable ride because of its large seat.

Key Features:

  • Single-speed bike for a comfortable ride.
  • Cushioned seats and foam grips.
  • No heavy maintenance due to lack of wires and gears.
  • Pedal backward coaster brakes.

Cost: $160

COEWSKE 26″ Unisex Beach Cruiser Bike

COEWSKE 26" Unisex Beach cruiser bike.

Single speed 26-inch cruiser bike having pedal coaster brakes. Very comfortable for flat surfaces.

Key Features:

  • The seat is large which provides excellent comfort
  • Pedal coaster brakes
  • The curvy iron frame will save you from mud and rain
  • Single speed bike with no complicated gear system.

Cost: $125

Fito Marina Beach Cruiser Bike for women

Fito Marina Beach cruiser bike for women.

A 7-speed bike that provides great maneuvering. Made with aluminum that is light-weight and anti-rust.

Key Features:

  • The aluminum frame makes this bike very light and protects it from rust as well.
  • A lowered frame that is perfect for ladies.
  • Seats are made with leather/vinyl that provides flexibility to the rider.
  • Tires provide easy and quiet experience.

Cost: $240

Huffy Men’s Cranbrook Cruiser Bike

Huffy Men's Cranbrook Cruiser Bike.

A 26-inch bike that ensures great saving. A coaster brake saves you from a lot of trouble of maintenance.

Key Features:

  • The lower frame design makes it easy to handle the bike.
  • Available at a low price.
  • Accurate sizing makes sure that our feet touch the ground easily.
  • Coaster braking system saves us from maintenance hassles.

Cost: $110

Three Wheeled Cruiser Bikes

Mobo Triton Pro 3- Wheel Bike

Mobo Triton Pro 3- Wheel Bike.

The 3-wheeled bike is championed to cruise on flat surfaces comfortably. The design makes it certain for controlled maneuverability.

Key Features:

  • The tricycle is perfect for comfortable riding.
  • Not much exercise is involved in handling the bike.
  • The ergonomic recumbent seat provides comfortable cushioning.
  • A durable choice for those who cannot ride on a 2-wheeler.

Cost: $450.00

Happybuy Tricycle for adults

Happybuy Tricycle for adults.

A 24-inch tricycle designed for people to have fun. Made with a high-quality frame that ensures safety and comfort.

Key Features:

  • A foldable basket provided with the bike for storage.
  • The iron frame is convenient and protects the riders.
  • Soft saddle providing immense pleasure.
  • The speed could be adjusted accordingly due to the gears.

Cost: $240

Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike

Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike.

The kids’ 3-wheeled bike is designed for cruising on flat surfaces. The bike is comfortable and can be controlled with simple hand movements.

Key Features:

  • The frame is adjustable according to the heights.
  • The rear-wheel steering helps strengthen the muscles.
  • Seats could be adjusted easily.
  • Very smooth and enjoyable experience.

Cost: $300

Schwinn Tricycle for adults

Schwinn Tricycle for adults.

Schwinn Tricycle for adults comes with a basket for expandable storage. The single-speed bike will take you wherever you want that too with maximum consolation.

Key Features:

  • Rear folding basket for storing important stuff.
  • Seats are adjustable according to your heights.
  • Pleasurable saddle
  • Front and rear fenders save you from the mud.

Cost: $350

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike.

This 3-wheeled bike will make your daily commutes a breeze. It is also the world’s first 3-wheeled bike with a reverse gear.

Key Features:

  • The frame is adjustable.
  • With the minimal application of muscles, you will experience a smooth ride with colossal fun.
  • Reverse gear facility.
  • The seats are ergonomic and can be adjusted.

Cost: $600

Alternative Cruiser Bikes

Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle

Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle.

Made with aluminum for a strong structure. Front and rear disk brakes provide immense control.

Key Features:

  • The fat tires will let you maneuver freely.
  • The aluminum structure ensures longevity
  • Front and rear disk brakes save you from adverse occurrences.
  • The ride becomes easy even in rough conditions

Cost: $550

Nakto Electric Sporting Bicycle

Nakto Electric Sporting Bicycle.

An affordable electric bicycle that would save the environment. At the same time, you will encounter excessive convenience.

Key Features:

  • High-quality carbon steel material for extended usage.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • The 6-speed transmission system will offer you tremendous versatility.
  • Bright LED headlamp will assist you in the night time.

Cost: $650
Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike 48V

Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike 48V.

The Walke 48v electric bike is cutting-edge next-generation in combination with a genuinely sleek style and a design that promotes maximum comfort. What’s not to like?

Key Features:

  • Lightweight all-aluminum frame
  • LCD meter display and double-disc hydraulic brake
  • 750W brushless motor
  • 48V battery with a max distance of 35 miles per charge

Cost: $1,400

Nakto Electric City Bicycle

Nakto Electric City Bicycle.

The electric bike is best in terms of speed because of the powerful motor. The fat tires assist during rough conditions.

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with a brushless motor that makes the bicycle very strong in the long duration.
  • 6-speed shifting system lets you choose any speed.
  • It offers three modes: Pure electric bicycle, Auxiliary bicycle, Bicycle mode
  • The fat tires it easy to maneuver the bike.

Cost: $900

IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike

IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike.

A unique folding bike that is extremely lightweight. The aluminum frame of the bike makes it durable for the long-term.

Key Features:

  • It is specially designed for easy commuting as well as exercising.
  • 6-speed shifter gives you the authority.
  • Folding of the bike is quite straightforward.
  • A rear rack is also positioned.

Cost: $180

Youth Cruiser Bikes

RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl’s Bike

RoyalBaby Little Swan Girl's Bike.

The bicycle is perfectly suitable for your kid. It is designed uniquely to give happiness to your child.

Key Features:

  • Brake levers are designed in such a way that your child could easily reach it.
  • The pink color fascinates most of the baby girls.
  • Chain guards are fully enclosed to protect your kid.
  • A basket is also provided as a storage option.

Cost: $130

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boy’s Bicycle with Training Wheels

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Boy's Bicycle with Training Wheels.

A beautifully built Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bicycle is all your child needs. The bike is equipped with training wheels that will transform your kid into a professional.

Key Features:

  • A low and durable steel frame helps your child in controlling the bicycle.
  • Training wheels are equipped for a better learning experience.
  • Chain guard ensures the safety of your child.
  • Foot break gives confidence to your kid.

Cost: $75

Firmstrong Girl’s Bella Bicycle with Training Wheels

Firmstrong Girl's Bella Bicycle with Training Wheels.

This is an ideal bicycle for your girl. The training wheels will let your kid have an entirely different experience.

Key Features:

  • Training wheels assist in learning how to ride.
  • Fenders will save the bicycle from mud and debris.
  • Coaster brakes giving excessive control to your child.
  • Oversized seat for added comfort.

Cost: $175

Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Go Kart

Mobo Triton 3-Wheel Go Kart.

A 3-wheeled bike that is suitable for kids. Your kids can go out and have fun with this fully-featured bike.

Key Features:

  • It is specially designed for flat surfaces.
  • The low structure of the bike provides immense stability.
  • A minimal effort is applied while riding it.
  • Hi-ten steel frame makes it extra durable.

Cost: $400

Retrospec Koda Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Retrospec Koda Kids Bike with Training Wheels.

The bike is specially designed for your kid to go out and explore. It comes in a variety of bright colors that will leave your child awestruck.

Key Features:

  • Chain guard provides complete protection from cuts and bruises.
  • Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake are significant in terms of security.
  • A water bottle is also supplied with the bike.
  • Comes in 7 beautiful and bright colors.

Cost: $120