The Best Ice Skates

Ice skating is a fun sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Child or adult, beginner or expert– it’s easy for everyone to have a good time out on the ice. As a recreational activity, ice skating is a winter pastime where families bond over shared experiences and young couples can laugh at each other’s mishaps. Sport-oriented skaters with more advanced skills can branch off into the elegant art of figure skating, high-paced speed skating, or team-focused ice hockey.

After reviewing a vast amount of ice skates we have chosen the best available online to consolidate your hunt for the perfect pair of ice skates. Purchasing the proper ice skates for your intended purpose is necessary in order to increase your comfort and skill while reducing the risk of injury. That’s why we’ve detailed our top choices below with information about their supportive construction, interior padding, and the activity they were designed to foster. Read on to discover the best ice skates for women and men.

Top Pick

Botas Diana

Smooth leather, a plush collar, and reinforced padding around the upper and ankle make the Botas Diana an exquisitely comfortable ice skate.

Though there are many fantastic pairs of ice skates on our list, we’ve chosen the Botas Diana ice skates for women as our overall Top Pick. The layered split leather outer and synthetic suede lining are a winning combination that exhibits luxury and comfort in an affordable pair of ice skates. We’re confident that this is the most well-rounded skate for women online, and the reviewers agree.

The 5 Top-Rated Ice Skates

Editor’s PicksBrandRating
Best OverallBotas Diana5.0
Runner UpJackson Ultima Freestyle4.9
Best Budget BuyRiedell Skates Sparkle4.2
Best Women’s Ice SkatesJackson Elle Fusion4.9
Best Men’s Ice SkatesBotas Draft

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Our Top Pick: Botas Diana

The Botas Diana women’s ice skates are well made with a fine attention to detail. Split leather uppers and tongue look fantastic and are coated with polyurethane for long-lasting protection and waterproofing. The outer is double-stitched for a durable finish, rises tall to hug the lower calf for stability, and is perforated at the ankle to allow ventilation.

The streamlined exterior transitions to a plush collar that enhances the overall appeal of the skate and provides cushy comfort where your leg meets the boot material. Cut high and wide, the top of the shoe tightens pleasantly around the muscle of your lower leg for a secure fit. Inside, the synthetic suede lining allows your feet to slip in and out with ease, and the reinforced padding provides a snug amount of cushion that prevents rubbing and supports the entire ankle area. This supple support will help new skaters stand tall and provide experienced skaters the structure they need for high-speed maneuvers.

Underneath, a tough and scuff-resistant sole provides stiff support to reduce imbalance on the ice. Steel Sabrina blades come solidly attached to the base of the sole, but they can be easily removed with a screwdriver for replacement when needed. The steel blades stay shape longer than composite or chrome blades, and they have TUV GS European certification which ensures that they adhere to high-quality, child-safe standards. No matter how you look at them, the Botas Diana ice skates are top-tier and worthy of our ice skates Top Pick.

Botas Diana Key Features:

  • Double stitched split leather uppers and tongue
  • Synthetic suede lining and high, plush collar
  • TUV GS European child safety certification

Our Runner Up Pick: Jackson Ultima Freestyle

Runner Up

Jackson Ultima Freestyle

Remarkably flexible and versatile, the Jackson Ultima Freestyle skate is a refined skating masterpiece. Inlaid Swarovski crystals add an elegant touch that reflects the skate’s inner beauty.

High fashion and superior craftsmanship comingle in the Jackson Ultima Freestyle ice skates. Outstanding in every sense of the word, these skates are designed with superior support that will help talented figure skaters launch into complex rotary jumps. A versatile microfiber upper is inlaid with nine shimmering Swarovski crystals that bring elegance and showmanship ready to be seen in the spotlight of your next competition.

The cut-resistant microfiber will keep its sophisticated looks for a long time while retaining the structure an advanced figure skater needs to perform tricky maneuvers. A U-shaped cuff and redesigned achilles back height provides the proper support and flexibility for figure skating, and the low-profile rolled lining removes both pressure and irritation from the tendons and skin above the ankle. All of this is designed for a dancer who will be long on her feet. Even the tongue is lined with extra soft material to reduce shin irritation.

Each heel is reinforced with shock absorbing padding strengthened by aluminum plates, and the fusion sole remains lightweight despite the increased structure and torque-resistant design. Tried-and-true Aspire steel blades are screwed into the base and set with a rubber inlay that eliminated slippage. The overall design has a wider toe box and narrow heel to increase comfort and support during high-performance skating. The Jackson Ultima Freestyle ice skates are the crème de la crème of performance skates.

Jackson Ultima Freestyle Key Features:

  • Inlaid Swarovski crystals
  • Aluminum reinforced heels with superior shock absorption
  • U-shaped cuff with solid support for advanced figure skaters

Best Budget Pick: Riedell Skates Sparkle

Best for Budget

Riedell Skates Sparkle

Supremely breathable and quite attractive, the Riedell Skates Sparkle covers all the bases of a quality skate at an affordable price.

Not ready to invest bucket loads of cash into your new ice skating hobby? Look no further than the Ridell Sparkle ice skates for a budget option that doesn’t skimp on quality materials. These lightly supported skates offer good structure for beginner skaters, they look great, and are the most breathable ice skates we’ve ever seen.

Perfect for a casual visitor to the ice rink or winter pond, the Riedell Sparkle skates are made from durable outer materials that are extra padded on the inside for squishy comfort that’ll keep your feet feeling good during hours of wear. There’s enough structure for recreational use and flexibility that beginners prefer, but don’t expect these skates to have the strength or support required for advanced techniques.

Best of all for a budget ice skate, the Riedell Sparkle’s are equipped with premium stainless steel Spiral blades that are not often seen on inexpensive skates.

Riedell Skates Sparkle Key Features:

  • Supremely breathable design
  • Stainless steel Spiral blades
  • More padding than the average skate for long-lasting comfort

Best Women’s Ice Skates: Jackson Elle Fusion

Best Women’s Ice Skates

Jackson Elle Fusion

The Jackson Elle Fusion is comprised of a microfiber design that is both supportive and flexible and a new lightweight fusion sole with outstanding shock absorption.

Riding the line between performance skate and beginner skate, the Jackson Elle Fusion ice skates boast similarly exceptional looks that rival our Top Pick Botas Diana. The Jackson Elle Fusions are paired with a more moderate level of support best for intermediate skaters who have advanced beyond the beginner stage and are looking to take their figure skating to the next level.

In fact, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between these skates and the Dianas. They are designed with the same materials all the way down to the sparkle of the inlaid Swarovski crystals. The feel is quite different, however. The supportive, rigid structure of the Diana gives way in these Elle Fusion ice skates to more flexibility. The reduction in support makes it so multi-rotational jumps are all but impossible, but these Elle Fusions are designed for skaters whose skillsets have yet to reach such demanding techniques. The added versatility is more ideal for intermediate skaters who are still learning the ropes and testing their limits with half-rotation jumps and other mid-tier maneuvers.

This is our Top Pick for Women’s Ice Skates because it is ideal for those who have been skating for some time and are ready to move on to the next level of quality and skill. Step out of your beginner skates and into a pair of Jackson Elle Fusions!

Jackson Elle Fusion Key Features:

  • Swarovski inlaid crystals
  • Aluminum reinforced heels with flexible, yet supportive padding
  • U-shaped cuff with moderate support for intermediate ice skaters

Best Men’s Ice Skates: Botas Draft

Best Men’s Ice Skates

Botas Draft

Athletic skates with an ergonomic cut, the Botas Draft can carve the ice for hours like no other. Comfortable support on top of a sharp steel blade is the ultimate recipe for a good time at the rink or frozen pond.

Whereas every other ice skate in our top 5 is designed for figure skating, the Botas Draft are top of the line hockey-style athletic ice skates that are so well made we had to make room for them as out Top Men’s Pick. Polyamide fabric is interwoven with durable synthetic leather for an ideal combination of breathability and strength. The sleek silver and gold embellishments add a bit of flavor to this black and white skate which complements the unique designs that are embedded into the fabric.

Interior lining is composed of a polyurethane-injected synthetic PENAT material which provides padded comfort with waterproofing and sweat-wicking properties. This athletic construction is pushed even further with an ergonomic design that keeps your foot comfortable during long hours of rough play on the ice, and the anatomical tongue is engineered to protect your foot from the lacing without any impediment to active motion.

Under it all, a black PVC outsole stiffly supports your shifting weight. That outsole is steadfastly equipped with an extremely strong Botas Falcon Carbon Steel blade that’s unwaveringly fastened to the heel with incredibly strong rivets. These are the best hockey-style skates we could find.

Botas Draft Key Features:

  • Polyurethane-injected material that is waterproof and sweat-wicking
  • Supportive construction that helps your ankles keep you upright
  • Botas Falcon carbon steel blades riveted to the heel

Who Should Buy Ice Skates

Those new to the sport or who are looking for a long-term recreational activity that they and/or their kids can enjoy should certainly purchase a set of beginner ice skates. There are a number of great novice ice skates on our list, including a few budget-friendly options for girls, boys, women, and men. Renting ice skates is an acceptable option for someone who visits the ice rink only once a year, but after just a few times through the rental booth you’ll notice that you’ve already spent as much money as it would have cost to purchase a pair of the budget ice skates on our list. A new pair of skates, including the budget options on our list, are sure to be better quality than the rentals you’re spending your money on.

Intermediate skaters need to upgrade from beginner skates to reduce the risk of injury once they start attempting more technical maneuvers. Stronger support is required for anyone who wants to up their game beyond circling the rink, so look for a pair that have moderate support at the heel and ankle. Strong construction that gives your ankles and tendons the help they need will pay off in countless ways on the ice.

Advanced ice skaters are well aware of the use and abuse they put their skates through. Top-tier quality ice skates are designed with flexibility and unflinching support in mind. If you’re at this level, you’re likely preparing for competitions, shows, or intense hockey matches. Your dedication is obvious in your talents, and you deserve a pair of skates that match your talents. Look into our Runner Up Pick, the Jackson Ultima Freestyle for an amazing example of stellar quality and design intended for high-level skating.

Top Pick

Botas Diana

Smooth leather, a plush collar, and reinforced padding around the upper and ankle make the Botas Diana an exquisitely comfortable ice skate.

Important Features to Consider

There are a few important considerations to think-through before purchasing a pair of ice skates.

  • Know your limits. As listed in the previous section, there are multiple levels of talent and experience that befit certain styles of ice skates. Beginners should look for skates that offer padded comfort, subtle support, and strong stability. Your balance isn’t perfected yet, and more forgiving skates will keep you comfortable as you learn how to skate. Intermediate to advanced skaters will want to sacrifice some of that extra padding for more stalwart support that keeps their ankles and tendons secure with reinforced structure. The increased support allows for more difficult techniques while reducing the risk of injuries such as sprained ankles.
  • How often will you skate? Is this a one-off recreational activity, or a more focused hobby? You could simply rent ice skates at your local rink if you visit only once in a blue moon. Perhaps you like to run the gamut of winter activities and take every chance you can to enjoy cold weather sports? If that’s the case, maybe you’d be interested in some ski boots and goggles as well. Know your interests and invest in a good pair of ice skates only if you’re going to frequent the ice.
  • Do you play hockey, figure skate, or simply enjoy the fun of it? Both basic hockey or figure skates will work just fine for beginning skaters who enjoy hitting the ice recreationally on occasion. Hockey-focused buyers will want to look for a sporty skate with a flat blade designed for speed and stability on the ice. Figure skating enthusiasts will be much better off with a more maneuverable skate that has toe picks on the front of the blade which allow for technical skills such as pivot spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do ice skates have sharp edges?

The sharper the edge of your ice skate’s blade, the smoother your skating will be and the more control you’ll have. Blades become dull as they contact the ice. Regular sharpening of your skates is key to a better skating experience and the prolonged life of your ice skates.

What is the blade of an ice skate called?

The more correct term for an ice skate blade is “runner”. Runners are the metal blades at the bottom of a skate that directly contacts the ice, though the term “blade” is interchangeable in contemporary conversation. The “toe pick” is the serrated front edge of a figure skate runner which allows the skater to stop, spin, and perform various tricks on its fine points which dig into the ice.

How do you size ice skates?

The general rule of thumb is that an ice skate should be 1.5 sizes smaller than your shoe size. Since shoe and skate sizes vary this is only a generalized guideline. More appropriately, you should measure the length and width of your feet in inches or centimeters while you are wearing your skate socks. Manufacturers all have sizing guides listed with their products or on their official website, and you should make sure to reference a product’s sizing guide before making your purchase.

Should ice skates fit tight?

Youth size should allow a bit of room (about an adult’s finger width between the child’s heel and back of the shoe) to allow for growth. Adult skates should mold to the foot as closely as possible and should not have extra room. When you put on a pair of ice skates, kick your heel as far back into the boot as it will go and then test to see that your big toe can lightly graze the front end of the toe box. If your toes are crammed up front, the skates are too tight.

Other Ice Skates We Reviewed

Top Pick

Botas Diana

Smooth leather, a plush collar, and reinforced padding around the upper and ankle make the Botas Diana an exquisitely comfortable ice skate.

We looked at 20 other ice skates. Even though they didn’t make our five best ice skates list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for a figure skating class or hockey practice. The information you’ll need to compare each one is included with the listing.

Women’s Ice Skates

Bauer React

bauer react

Great recreational skates with a unique design, the Bauer React are a standout for women’s ice skates because of their uncommon design and velcro secure strap. Want ice skates that work well but are a little different? These are for you.

Key Features:

  • Velcro tightening strap
  • Dark performance mesh with deco stitch
  • Microfiber inside liner

Cost: $146.78

Botas Stella

betas stella

Similar to out Top Pick Botas Diana skates, the Botas Stella have a soft lining with a hard plastic sole that’ll work well for figure skaters. The blades are TUV GS European certified which means they meet certain child safety standards.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof finish
  • Laminated fabric lining
  • TUV GS European certificate

Cost: $79.95 – $89.95

Botas Regina

botas regina

Built with a wider sole and wrapped in high-quality synthetic leather, the Botas Regina are styled differently than but retina the same quality and child safety standards as the Stella and Diana ice skates.

Key Features:

  • Wider sole
  • Synthetic leather with brushed knit and foam lining
  • Child safe Botas Nicole Ni blades

Cost: $69.95 – $99.95

Jackson Elle

jackson elle

Close in form to out Top Womens Pick the Jackson Elle Fusion but without the fusion sole, the standard Jackson Elle retains the quality construction of its sister skate but with lightweight Layered Cork Leather soles.

Key Features:

  • Layered cork leather soles
  • Soft top line with rolled collar
  • Padded polyester lining is treated with antibacterial properties

Cost: $169.95 – $259.95

Jackson Ultima Artiste

jackson ultima artiste

Versatile skates equipped with Ultima Mark IV chrome blades, the Jackson Ultima Artiste are just that, an artist on the ice. These stylish skates have a larger toe pick to accommodate beginners and those who are advancing their skills.

Key Features:

  • Ultima Mark IV multipurpose chrome blades
  • Flex notch for added flexibility
  • Large toe pick

Cost: $169.95 – $189.95

Jackson Ultima Excel

jackson ultima excel

The Jackson Ultima Excel are beginner skates with flexible materials, soft comfort, and light support. These are ideal for someone new to ice-skating who has yet to perfect their form.

Key Features:

  • Wide width skates
  • Foam backed viynl and mesh comfort tongue
  • Light support for beginners

Cost: $94.94 – $102.12

Jackson Ultima SoftSkate

jackson ultima softskate

Line with nylex for advanced warmth, comfort, and durability– the Jackson Ultima SoftSkate are the real deal for those seeking a luxurious feel in a quality skate.

Key Features:

  • Nylex padding
  • Nickel blade
  • Charcoal PVC outsole

Cost: $49.95 – $85.95

Jackson Ultima Mystique

jackson ultima mystique

Real leather extra padded at the ankle and full quarter give the Jackson Ultima Mystique ice skates a fresh look and cozy feel. These are stiffer skates suitable to someone advancing beyong the beginner stage who need more support for more difficult maneuvers.

Key Features:

  • Real leather that is PU coated for easy care
  • Extra ankle padding
  • Stiff construction for secure support

Cost: $109.99 – $149.95

K2 Alexis

k2 alexis

An athletic and recreational skate, the K2 Alexis has a Thinsulate Softboot that will keep feet warm and dry inside its cushy padding. A locking stability cuff holds strong even during extreme athletic movements.

Key Features:

  • Locking stability cuffs
  • Thinsulate Softboot is insulating and water repellant
  • Injection locked stainless steel blade

Cost: $44.14 – $100.82

Men’s Ice Skates

Gam Concept G5047

gam concept g5047

Leather topped and microfiber lined, the Gam Concept G5047 ice skates are sleekly designed and ultra comfortable with memory foam ankle cushioning. The wide toe box is a welcome feature that increases longterm comfort.

Key Features:

  • Memory foam ankle padding
  • Leather toppers
  • GAM wrap lacing to prevent lacebite

Cost:  $99.95 – $119.95

Jackson Ultima Freestyle Aspire

jackson ultima freestyle aspire

A layered cork leather sole and leather tongue are complemented by a padded, antibacterial microfiber lining in the Jackson Ultima Freestyle Aspire. These skates can be optionally fitted for men or women and have a wider sole size as an additional option.

Key Features:

  • Unisex design with multiple sizing options
  • Contoured backstrap for improved ankle fit
  • Soft rolled collar

Cost: $169.95 – $340.95

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic

jackson ultima softec classic

Unisex ice skates with a blade designed for recreational or figure skating, the Jackson Ultima Softec Classic comes in multiple color options and a wide swath of sizes to accompany children or adults of any size.

Key Features:

  • Unisex skates in a large range of sizes
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Multiple color options

Cost: $66.00 – $129.95

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport

jackson ultima softec sport

Designed with the hockey player in mind, the Jackson Ultima Softec Sport is well equipped with insulating padded uppers by Thinsulate that offer substantial durability, support, and comfort for long days on the ice.

Key Features:

  • Thinsulate uppers
  • Synthetic outsole which reduces overall weight
  • Color coordinated trim

Cost: $99.95 – $129.95

K2 F.I.T.

k2 FIT

The comfortable Softboot on the K2 F.I.T is coupled with an enhanced stability cuff to hold your foot in place during extreme ice sports. The injection-locked stainless steel blade will stay sharp for a long time and is designed specifically for hockey skating.

Key Features:

  • K2 Softboot provides comfort and stability
  • Injection-locked steel blade seigned for hockey
  • Locking stability cuff

Cost: $97.44 – $126.83

K2 F.I.T. Pro

k2 fit pro

A refined athletic skate engineered for advanced skaters, the K2 F.I.T Pro is a step above in stability, comfort, and support. Quick moves are aided by the stronger uppers and inside the brushed liner will keep your feet warmer for longer.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced F.I.T design
  • Brushed liner for added warmth
  • Reinforced stability at the cuff and ankle

Cost: $129.99 – $149.99

Budget Ice Skates

Botas Anita

botas anita

Durable synthetic materials are what the Botas Anita skates are all about. These women’s ice skates have a hard plastic sole and child-safe blades. They make great beginner skates but have stable support that works well for intermediate skaters as well.

Key Features:

  • Blue synthetic uppers with a carbon design
  • Child-safe blades
  • Stiff support ideal for beginners advancing to intermediate techniques

Cost: $79.95 – $84.95

Jackson Ultima GAM Stella

jackson ultima gam stella

Coated split leather uppers top a wide arch fit sole in the Jackson Ultima GAM Stella providing light stability for novice skaters. A chrome blade is attached via screws which allows for easy replacement or upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Coated split leather uppers
  • Chrome blade
  • Screwed-in blade installation which allows for easy removal

Cost: $59.95 – $85.95

Lake Placid Cascade

lake placid cascade

The Lake Placid Cascade synthetic ice skates look great and come equipped with warm, woven liners. Reviewers praise these ice skates for their high-quality design that comes at such an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic uppers
  • Warm woven liners
  • Stainless steel blade

Cost: $33.71 – $69.95

Lake Placid Everest

lake placid everest

Take your budget game up just one more notch to the Lake Placid Everest women’s ice skates which provide reinforced ankle support with extended counters for heel stability. The steel blade is coated in chrome, combining durability with personality for a complete finish.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced ankle support
  • Chrome-dipped steel blades
  • Dramatic exterior design

Cost: $53.96 – $97.92

Riedell Skates Opal

riedell opal

Lightly supported men’s figure skates with a split tongue design for added stability and comfort make the Riedell Skates Opal an ideal skate for male figure skaters with moderate experience. Hand built with high-quality leather and added reinforcement, these ice skates are supremely well made and will last a long time.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel sprial blades give a smooth glide on the ice
  • Split tongue design
  • Quilted chusion lining

Cost: $68.99 – $79.99