The Best Kayak Paddles

Ready to hit the water and cover some distance? Next to your kayak itself, the paddles you choose will have the biggest impact on your performance. This particular piece of equipment will likely be in your hands at all times, so it’s important you choose one that is reliable and feels comfortable to you personally. … Read More

The Best Towable Water Tubes for Boating

Towable water tubes are one of the most fun and safe ways of enjoying high-speed fun out on the open water. They are inflatable water toys that can be ridden in a variety of ways from sitting back in relaxed comfort to standing up while carving wakes like a waterskier. There are many different styles… Read More

The Best Canoe Paddles

A canoe paddle is a vital piece of equipment for canoeing, second only to the canoe itself. That’s obvious. Whether you’re a die-hard canoeist or a recreational enthusiast, choosing the best canoe paddle does not have to be a difficult task, but there are a few design features worth considering. Do you prefer the classic… Read More

The Best Kayak Carts

Hauling your kayak from your vehicle to the water can be a delicate operation, all the more so if you happen to be crossing bumpy, soft, or rocky terrain or carrying it longer distances. One very easy and low-cost way around this problem exists in the kayak cart, which not only saves you a great… Read More

The Best Boat Covers

Whether it’s for mooring, trailering, or seasonal storage, a reliable, practical, and effective boat cover is essential to ensuring your boat remains in good shape, water-worthy, and protected against the various factors that might otherwise impact its performance and appearance: harsh weather, UV light, mildew, dust and debris, and/or intruders of both the animal and… Read More

The Best Dinghies

Dinghies are small boats that historically have been carried by larger sea-faring vessels as lifeboats or tenders. Modern dinghies have been adapted to a broader range of use. Today, you’ll still find yachts and large fishing vessels that utilize dinghies as emergency evacuation boats, but many are now used recreationally for light fishing and other… Read More

The Best Anchors

An anchor is used to temporarily connect a boat to the bed of a body of water like a lake, river, or ocean. It is usually made of metal and prevents the boat from being blown or drifting in the wind or currents. While most states and the federal law don’t require all boats to… Read More

The Best Kayaks

Enjoy whitewater rafting or fishing? What about taking long tours along the waterways? No matter how you want to use a kayak, there is a model that is designed especially for your needs. In fact, there are even inflatable kayaks that are ideal for people who don’t necessarily have the space to store or transport… Read More

The Best Dock Bumpers

Do you enjoy taking your boat out onto the lake or river?  If so, you’ll probably know just how important it is to protect both your boat and dock from damage when you return home.  Dock bumpers not only help to protect your boat from damage, but they can also help to prevent the general… Read More

The Best Boat Fenders

Boat fenders are an essential piece of kit on any boat. They are protective, air-filled cushions which can be placed along the side of your boat. As you moor against a dock, or other boats, fenders provide a protective barrier, and help stop your boat from getting damaged. We reviewed dozens of boat fenders to… Read More