The Best Bear-Proof Canisters and Containers

Bear-proof canisters and containers are necessary for keeping bears away from your food, supplies, and trash when you’re in bear country. Having first-hand experience with a bear stealing my food, I can assure you that bear-proof containers are the only way to safely protect your snacks from a hungry bear. We have put together a… Read More

The Best Travel Coffee Mugs

Whether you’re heading out on a backcountry weekend adventure or just running to the local grocery store, a quality travel coffee mug is essential. Not just for coffee, these typically vacuum insulated beverage containers keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on end. This means you never have to worry about your ice water… Read More

The Best Coolers with Wheels

Spending time outside can be very relaxing and a lot of fun, whether it’s sitting in a camp chair or sprawled out in a hammock. Warm drinks, however? Not so much. Fortunately, coolers keep your favorite foods and drinks cool, even when the weather is hot and sunny. And if that cooler has wheels, it’s… Read More

The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags

There’s no better reset than heading into the heart of mother nature and spending a night or two sleeping in a camping tent under a sky full of stars. However, unless you want to spend the night shivering or wake up with an aching body, you’ll need to bring along the right lightweight sleeping bag…. Read More

The Best Cabin Tents

Sometimes camping can get a little cramped. Cabin tents are a great option if you are planning a trip with a big group or for an extended amount of time. The most defining feature of these tents is their nearly vertical walls and high center height that make them look more ‘cabin’-like than your typical… Read More

The Best Bivy Sacks and Bags

Bivy sacks and bags are an indispensable piece of emergency equipment that everybody should have, and they can also be a weight-saving alternative shelter for ultralight backpackers. Emergency and backpacking bivy sacks are designed differently from one another, each with a certain type of functionality as its inspiration. The best emergency bivy sacks are lightweight,… Read More

The Best Air Mattresses

Air mattresses can be used in all sorts of situations. Many people use them when they go camping, but they can also be used when you need to fit a few extra people in your house. Sometimes, they can provide an affordable option for those who just moved into a new apartment. We reviewed dozens… Read More

The Best Sleeping Pads

For backcountry adventurers, a sleeping pad is one of the “big three,” must-have gear items (along with your tent and sleeping bag) required keep you safe, warm, and comfortable on overnight trips in the wild. While the importance of a sleeping pad is often overlooked or underestimated by many newcomers to camping, any old hand… Read More

The Best Camping Hammock

Hammocks have been around for thousands of years. They used to be common places for people to sleep on a regular basis, not just while traveling or relaxing in the backyard. Now, camping hammocks are excellent for backpacking, camping, or just spending some time relaxing outdoors! They are lightweight, easier to set up than a… Read More

The Best Camping Cots

Sleeping well will make or break a camping trip. Laying on a hard surface with bugs close by often gets in the way of a restful night, making it difficult to fully enjoy all of the outdoor activities you have planned. If you want an ideal sleeping set-up for your next trip, a camping cot… Read More